Anyone Hate Being Pregnant

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NM - April 13

Hi Christine, I feel the same way you do. I even had one woman pull my shirt tight to see my belly. This was at work. People are saying you don't look like you are 22 wks. Don't you know that you are eating for 2. It is really starting to get on my nerves.


Foxy - April 13

The weird thing is, I seem to be getting more male attention now that I'm pregnant than I was before! Is it because they don't notice swollen thighs and the hideously extended stomach because they're too busy looking and an enormous pair of b___bs? I personally have never felt more unattractive in my life! I still love being pregnant though. :-)


~S~ - April 13

I don't care for the symptoms of pregnancy, and I can't wait for those to be over...but I do love being pregnant. I feel more elegant, special because I'm creating life inside of me and my bf makes me feel even more s_xy by the way he rubs my belly, kisses it and he tells me he finds me even more s_xier. I think it's wonderful, I even love seeing my belly grow, it's great. But the symptoms, not so much.


Sarah Anne - April 13

I really like being pregnant!!! Sometimes I do cry though and wish I wasn't pregnant, but really I wouldn't trade it for the world. (maybe the stretch marks and the rest of the symptoms, lol). I am almost 4 months, and I have a few stretch marks, and I know they're going to get worse!! I know how you feel about the body changes! My favorite part about me was my belly, and now after this ..its not going to look the same :-( But I will have to deal with it, eh!


Christine - April 14

It's funny how I can relate to some degree to ALL of your comments, except for those of you who've had the horrible symptoms. I keep on saying how lucky I am; no morning sickness, no excessive weight gain or stretch marks(at least not yet), and yeahhh, no "outie" as of yet :-) Foxy, I was quite pet_te when I got pregnant, and my b___sts are all that grew during the first four months, so I have to admit it was fun to actually show some cleavage, but it's taken some getting used to! The belly is starting to catch up now, and I'm starting to look like I've swallowed a basketball, heehee. Everyone says I am glowing, and that I seem made to be pregnant, so I guess I shouldn't really complain; but I still have a hard time with the comments. Weird, but I'm allowing myself the luxury of blaming all my issues and fits of indignation on hormones, lol.


~S~ - April 14

Sarah Anne - Have you been moisturizing your belly? as well as your hips, back, b___bs and inside of your thighs?? Keep them moisturized really well and you should slow down the process or at least the visibility of your stretch marks. I use a Coca B___ter lotion, it has Vit E and Elastin in it as well. It's sooo nice and keeps my body moisturized. I put it on first thing in the morning after a shower and before I go to bed, sometimes I'll put a bit on during the day, but ALWAYS after a shower. I'm 5 months and I have zero stretch marks from my pregnancy.


Phoebe - April 14

I don't hate being pregnant, I hate being sick when I am pregnant. I have a cold, and I want some tylenol cold and flu relief so bad, but all I can have is that stupid 'Tussin that does nothing. *cough*


nicole - April 14

Annie I can totally relate to what you are feeling. I am not enjoying my pregnancy and I feel guilty about it. At work two other women are pregnant and experienced very few symptoms, me on the other hand have experienced severe morning sickness, nasal congestion and headaches. I don't feel like myself anymore and can't wait for the baby to come and I still have six months to go.


Foxy - April 14

Pheobe, you have my sympathy. I just got over a cold and I was too scared to take anything for it. I wasn't to pleased about being pregnant that week.


Julie - April 14

I haven't been enjoying myself either. I remember with my son I hated it! I worked over 50 hours a week, was fat and always tired. After I had my son I even considered not getting pregnant again because I didn't really enjoy the pregnancy part so much. I was so happy when I finally delivered a healthy baby and realized that it was worth it! Now I am 14 weeks still sick as a dog and am not enjoying this pregnancy either. I am with you sister! Pregnancy is not easy and not joyful for everyone!


trish - April 15

Phoebe you can take benedryl too. and if the cough or whatever gets too bad go to the dr and they will give you a prescription that is safe for you to take, I had/have this really bad cough and after I couldnt stand it any longer went to dr and found out I had a bacterial infection in my lungs and got a prescription for antibiotics and now I also have breathing treatments to do (i also have asthma that gets worse when i'm pregnant) GOOD LUCK And to answer the question about being pregnant..i love it!! this is our last baby and I am enjoying it as much as i can and keeping a journal of everything...


s - April 15

I have to say, I LOVE IT, however I could do without all the worries. I worry about every little sympton I have, or every pain I have (mostly from making the wrong move). I have wanted this baby for so long and can't wait. However, my SIL is pregnant and she complains with indigestion a lot. Not sure how she feels about being pregnant, this is her second


Nick - April 16

I don't hate it, but I don't love it. I just want the baby now and wish I did not have to wait 9 months. It feels weird not to have control over your own body(21 weeks).


J - April 17

This is pregnancy #4 for me and I love being pregnant - I never get morning sickness and feel great - I cannot wait to feel the baby because that is the greatest of all. I never thought I would be having another baby, so I am going to enjoy every moment!! It will be over soon enough and you might miss it afterwards!


lyn - April 17

I love being pregnant because I still feel like me. I haven't been sick or anything. I just feel normal.


Sarah Anne - April 19

~S~ - I was putting coco b___ter all on my body , but then I started to not care about my skin! I am usually not like that! I have to make myself put lotion on my skin now. I guess thats why the marks are starting! Lyn, I am the same way! I havent got sick at all either! The only thing I am dealing with is stretch marks, and believe me rather get sick than get those nasty little things!!!!! lol. good luck everyone!



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