Anyone Hate Being Pregnant

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roxy - May 6

I feel like the blueberry from willy wonka!!!!!!!! I want to stay this big forever.


big fat angry - May 9

I am absolutely miserable and only 13 weeks. I keep having all these women tell me, "OH, I JUST LOVED BEING PREGNANT!!" I don't love anything about it, from the all day sickness (geez, it would be nice if it would pick one time of day to happen, LIKE MORNING!), the headaches, bleeding, cramping, not being able to eat my favorite foods, the fatigue, the varicose veins, swelling, the insomnia, bloating, constipation, sore & enormous b___sts. I don't think its cute, neat, special, exciting, fun, or wonderful. I can't wait to be able to have the energy to do the athletic things I USUALLY love. I would never do this ever again, no matter what. I can't wait until this horrible time is over, by the way, did I mention the mood swings;-)


Tammy - May 10

Big fat angry---we all feel the same way at some point. I know you probably hear that after the baby is born you forget all the misery. It really is true to an extent. If not everyone would have just one. For me the worst part is after the baby is born and you try to put on your own clothes. Now that's depressing...That started my baby blues.


agree - May 10

I hate it too. I never feel right. If its not one thing its another! I am so tired of feeling like yuck! This will definitely be our only child....I can't imagine going through ths again and or it being worse with another one! Mother nature is cruel - before we are PG we look at pg women and wish it was us and think how wonderful it is. Then we get PG and the reality hits - IT STINKS!


Ent_ty - May 10

I am so glad you posted this... i am 10 weeks pregnant and while i am REALLY looking forward to having the baby, i am really hating being pregnant at the moment. hate all the worrying, hate all the restrictions (no alcohol, no nicotine, little sugar, salt,).. but i ESPECIALLY hate the nausea. i wish i could just fast foward and give birth already!!! lol i feel kinda trapped in my own body to be honest! I cant explain it, i just dont feel free anymore.... i think what is REALLY p__sing me off is the nausea. at best, no foods appeal to me right now, at worst everything makes me wanna throw up. i get no pleasure at all from eating these days, its like i am eating just cos i know i have to. i used to really enjoy my, appeals to e...except the things that i am not allowed to eat (i.e. cakes, chocolate, ice cream)


Ent_ty - May 10

Big Fat Angry you and i are TOTALLY on the same page!!!


Danyleigh - May 11

I hate being pregnant too. I only have four days until my due date and I swear that I will never become pregnant again. I seriously plan on adopting the rest of my children. I had morning sickness the first 12 weeks, got severe Pnemonia at 18 weeks, developed hypoglycemia, and umbilical hernia, around 27 weeks, had to move across the country at 30 weeks, and the developed bronchitis at 36 weeks. I have been miserable the past 3 weeks because of edema and depression and all I can do is cry all day. To top it off it is looking like I am going to be overdue! I know my daughter will be worth every minute of it but I can't help but want to strangle the women who "absolutly love being pregnant" I cannot imagine those words comiming out of my mouth!


shirelle - May 11

I feel pretty much the same way. I'm more than grateful to be able to concieve and create a child, but as far as the physicality of it, I'm miserable! I haven't enjoyed it at all, with the exception of the emotional, loving part. I love my little guy but the fact is I'm soooo uncomfortable and I have gotten just about every pregnancy ailment there is. Extreme morning sickness, dizziness, extreme fatigue and major bathroom time. I believe I had an overactive bladder to begin with so I've practially lived in the bathroom the entire pregnancy especially now that I'm 36 weeks I wake up every hour to go "pee" and if I'm lucky enough to fall back asleep, I'm almost always woken up by the tingling, numb painful sensation in my legs(I've tried lots of pillows, I currently use about 5) I'm grouchy, and emotional, my poor boyfriend. I can' tell if I want to cry my eyes out or be mad about no real reason at all. I also gained ma__sive weight, I swear I tried to eat right, but my baby is big, 7 pounds already, and my small structure is crushing under all my weight. O,K, so does that answer your question:) Yes there are others out there who haven't loved being pregnant.


Marissa - May 12

your not alone girl friend, not only do I hate being pregnant, I feel like I hate people that don't sympathize with the morning sickness deal., no one that I work with has children either so this experience makes me feel quite alone. I also really, really hate throwing up. And I am in that awful inbetween stage of normal clothes and maternity clothes...ahhh.


Raye Lynn - May 12

I hated it. Until this week, that is. Once I saw that it was a little girl and once she had a name and saw her squirm and kick in there... I am overjoyed and have been told by 6 people in the past two days that I am glowing. It took 21 weeks to get here, but now I love it. Even the body changes cause it means I am adjusting to providing the best possible environment for her. Hopefully, your happiness will kick in soon.


Brooke "Mama" Crow - May 12

Oh, ladies ... please be careful making honest, heartfelt thoughts like this known to the general public of these "pregnancy forums." Though perfectly understandable and worthy of empathy, there are some out there (specifically with the alias of %-/) who will ostracize you for your willingness to be open with your human-ness. I say this with sincerity. In case you have not noticed, these waters are shark infested. People can be mean to those of us who reach out.


Mari - May 14

I have similar feelings towards "being pregnant" and it's hard for me to admit out loud (I'm scared someone will lecture me or tell me I disappoint them). I feel like my bodies not mine and I'm alreayd lactating at 16 weeks- plus I also just seem fat and not rounded and pregnant.


Mary - May 25

Hate is a strong word. This should be a time that you cherish. You are developing such a bond with your baby that no one else can share or imagine what you go through. Try and focus on the point that this beautiful tinylife is completely dependent on you for survival...inside and out!! No one can ever take away the fact that you are the mother, the provider and the caretaker while this life is in your womb. Yes, everyone hates all the symptoms....try not to harbor on thankful you can give life to another.


Evee - June 27

Hi Annie, I'm right with you on this. I HATE being pregnant and I have no qualms about saying it either. Although I will say I am greatful that we were able to conceive and am thankful. But those are two different things. I'm 30 weeks and counting the weeks. They cannot go fast enough. I want this baby out of me so I can feel like myself again and not some hormonal freaky monster.


Jilana - June 27

Yes, I hate being pregnant. With my first child I anticipated each and every doctor appointment and was excited all the way through. I want this child and am waiting for him to be born, but I can honestly say this is the last pregnancy I will subject myself to.






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