Anyone Hate Being Pregnant

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Amy - June 30

I have actually enjoyed being pregnant for the most part. The first trimester, I had all-day nausea and was very tired...but that all changed around 13 weeks. I'm 21 weeks now and have felt really great, except some round ligament pain. But, I can totally relate to feeling as if your body is doing its own thing. It is hard not to feel as if you are losing control of your own body. I have been trying to just "go with the flow" and take good care of my body as much as possible. I'm exercising, drinking lots of water, and trying to get a decent night's sleep. I know many women have more symptoms and complications than me, so I count myself lucky. Best of luck to you all with your new babies!


gabby - July 1

I dont hate being pregnant but I sure dont like it. Maybe it's just the whole first time c___ppy feeling. as in I had terrible I mean terrible morning sickness which lasted all d__n day and I lost my job because of it. I hate having to pee 5-6 times in the night which results in a really bad nights sleep every night. And the headaches every single day pounding nasty headaches. and backaches. this I cant say I hate it but I sure as hell aint fond of it.


Michelle - July 3

I can't believe there are so many people who feel the same way I do. I really do NOT like be pregnant AT ALL. I don't know that I hate it as much anymore, but I was so sick the first four months I lost 28 pounds and I've been in the hospital twice, (this last time for an asthma attack). I told my doctor that I was having feelings of anxioty but she just said if it got worse or not any better by the time the baby was born, she would refer me to speak with someone. You'd think I be used to it since this is my third child. Maybe it's because I was so set on the idea that I wasn't going to have anymore. My baby is 7, how do I know I can do it all over again. But hey I guess I'll find out in just 17 more weeks. Good luck to you!


Moe - July 7

I hate it. I can't help it. I was hoping that I would come to this site and find some other people feeling the same way. Now I just feel more like a freak. I just want this kid to get here. I feel completely invaded. It's so hard to describe.


Erika - July 17

I hated being pregnant. I regained my body back after my first child but my second child left me with loose skin on my stomach with horrible stretch marks. Because I am small, people tell me I should not be self-conscious but I was comfortable with my body before I had children. I hate pregnancy and I hate my body now. I didn't like anything about pregnancy and don't like the after effects(My husband left me because my stomach as he put it looked "disgusting". If you want children really think about the long term effects.


Tiffany - July 26

I don't really like being pregnant. This is my second child and it is miserable.Your skin is different,your hair,your body changes- it is awful.


Kelsey - July 26

I wouldn't say I 'hate' being pregnant - I just don't enjoy being out of control. My body is changing and there isn't a THING I can do about it. It won't matter if I go to the gym 3 times a day.... my hips will STILL spread and my tummy will STILL look rolly-polly (I'm just now 18 weeks). I'm trying not to let the little things get me down though... now that I've seen our SON on the ultrasound scan - I try to remember that image when I start to feel depressed or stressed about my body or moods. Head up ladies!! :)


usigirl5 - October 21

I HATE being pregnant myself....I don't enjoy the b___terflies or's more of an annoyance to have to write it down all the time...and the whole time I have been sick or extremely tired.....I can't wait to meet my baby but I don't think I EVER want to be pregnant again


Jody - October 22

I am pregnant with number #2 and I can say I love it and I hate it! I love it when I feel baby move and feel good. I hate it when I feel nauseous and need my medication. When I was pregnant with my first( Daughter) I felt great all the time! With this pregnancy I feel nauseous every day to the point I want to puke! Does this mean its a boy? But, overall I love it! This is my last baby so I know I will be sad after I deliver!


Missie76 - November 12

I am thrilled I am having a baby but hate being pregnant. But that was the first trimester where I was so sick. I am 14 weeks now and love my growing belly. I actually enjoy being pregnant, where a month or so ago I couldn't wait to get it over with!


KarinaAnn - November 22

I feel you on that one! I am soo sick and tired of throwing up everyday. Im 24 weeks and never have energy and never want to do anything because I never feel good. Blahh


gabesgirl - November 30

It is the most awful, most hideous, most disgusting time period in my life. I am 11 weeks and have HATED every minute of it. My b___bs/nipples are gross and wierd, my nausea is out of control and I threw up on myself in the shower, nothing fits, i don't look pregnant but just FAT AND THICK in the middle right now, and the doctors make a habit of WEIGHING your fat growing a__s every doctor visit to throw it in your face that you are gaining weight, I have asthma and can't even take proper medicines or have a chest x-ray to see if I have pneumonia again because "it might hurt the baby"....well if I have pneumonia it will kill me and the baby!!!


tinalaferte - December 17

When I first found out I was pregnant I was surprised! I was never that sick in my whole entire life. Throwing up every where and anywhere. Goign to work sick and coming home sick. I couldn't eat anything! I hated it the first 3 months. I'm 21 weeks now and I like being pregnant, I'm not saying I love it cause I miss the things I used to be able to do. It's hard to adjust to being pregnant, but once I heard my baby's heart beat and found out what I am having, I feel more happier at the moment.


Santana0409 - December 18

I can't say that I hate it, it is wierd seeing my body change so much so fast. I've always been a pretty little girl so seeing my belly stick out is kinda unusal and my b___bs are HUGE. I just have to remind myself that I'm not fat for no reason my son is in there and when he comes out I can have my body back. It can be tough but I'm sure you'll get through it.


LUCKI LADI - January 24




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