Anyone Hate Being Pregnant

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LUCKI LADI - January 24



Missie76 - January 24

Just wait till you start feeling your baby move, I was like you, I hated the MS, the sore b___bs. But at 25 weeks now and feeling my baby kick, it's the most awesome feeling in the worl!


sherriebabie - January 25

right about now i hate being pregnant !! u never know might have a change of heart later on lol


tmontrelj - January 26

I felt the same way until just recently. I mean, I am still counting the days til I'm not pregnant anymore. I feel like a totally different person too. It all be worth it in the end though!!!!


Candice95567 - January 28

Your not alone my dear. My pregnancy was a complete accident... just lost 40 lbs over the summer, and not looking forward to my body changing once again!!!! Plus the aches, pains, and throwing up day and night.... It is just no fun. Dont you just wish you could borrow someone elses uterus for the next 6 months!?


Vivi - February 14

I am on my 3rd and have lost all my late 20s to pregnancy!! I miss my own personal body freedom!I have to spend my 30th in maternity clothes having a boring get together! I would much rather wear a hot outfit and go dancing!! I feel u!I hate being pregnant!


TahliasMama - February 14

reading this thread, i can totally relate. i loved my first two pregnancies (i have two girls) and this time around i'm having a c___p time! do you think it could be the hormones? (we are having a boy this time). Vivi - i am in the same boat as you!! my bubs is due june 4th, and my 30th birthday is may 30th.... i have been planning my 30th for years as i never had a proper 21st!!! i like the way you put it about losing your late 20's to pregnancy! lol


M.Sosa - February 21

I cannot say that I hate it but I definately could do without the nausea, fatigue and the endless trips to the bathroom! But knowing that there is a tiny growing human being inside of me makes it all worth it!


basiawil - March 10

I can definately relate. For almost 3 months I had a pretty bad morning sickness. I am carrying twins so I felt extremely tired in the first trimester as well. It gets a little better afterwards as far as tiredness but different symptoms follow. My advice to you is- try to take it easy, this too shall pa__s :)) Eat healthy, try to stay active, take good rest.


M.Sosa - March 10

Oh, it has definately gotten better except for the trips to the bathroom! LOL!


EricaB - March 11

Christine, you are hilarious. I just read your post on page one, and I had to read it out loud to my husband. How crazy is this experience? I am only 14 weeks, and due to a gigantic fibroid have had a large belly for many weeks! Everyone at work keeps staring at my shirt, and asking to see it. I haven't had anyone pull on my shirt or physically contact me yet, thank goodness. I'm sure it will start up soon! I most certainly will respond the way you did, Christine! If they want to bare their stomachs for me, I may do the same. Otherwise, my belly is not up for grabs!


EricaB - March 11

Brooke, what do you mean by shark-infested waters? Did something particular happen to you at work? Your advice and warnings are much appreciated...


jlecabwit - March 31

I would say I do not hate being pregnant but at the sametime I agree with all of you. I am going to be 18 weeks on April 20 and my body is changing, i feel i am looking more ugly on the out side but beautiful in the inside. You guys know what I mean? I have to use a special soap when i take a shower, or even when i wash my clothes. I get pimples and my face is geting fatter. I have to watch my foods and sometimes i like the foods i ate but not anymore. You have to get back to the size just to make sure your man/husband or even trying to look good to get someone. Sometimes i am scared because it changes you but also it changes the father of the child as well, it could be good or it could be bad, such as my ex of my first child, it made him change in way that we broke up. Or if you want to go hang out you cant go to bars to just chill out even if you do not drink [ it make you a bad person as what people tell me. Or try to express your man of how s_xy you look but in there eyes who knows if they think the same way... There are so many more but it just hard everyone etc.. your bones began to crack, and pain begans to created


EricaB - March 31

This process of pregnancy is so beautiful, and so weird too. I am still going through the love/hate thing also. I'm nearly 17 weeks now, and need to wear all special clothes. There are two weddings I'm in, one in May and one in AUGUST, and I am having to dish out a lot of money for gigantic and ugly dresses. I'll never wear them again! I'm hoping my husband doesn't change too much with this pregnancy and baby business. I love him the way he is now! However, he admits the belly scares him, as it's growing so fast. He just looks at it with a weird expression. He says that not all men love the look of pregnant women... can you believe it? Just take the compliments people give you, and hang on to them. When my husband looks at me in that weird way, I think of other men and women at work that say "there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman". It makes me feel better about the whole thing.


angelinakai - April 7

I don't hate it, but I definitely enjoy not being pregnant more. I am VERY thankful to be able to be pregnant and think that it is an absolute miracle that our bodies can do this! but I miss working out hard and drinking wine and I miss the independence of not being pregnant. I won't miss it... except that I LOVE feeling the baby move around in there. I HATE gaining wieght with a pa__sion and I gain it sooo easily. It's not fair. But in the end, I think we would ALL agree that it is totally worth every second, puking and all!


JMP - April 7

My BF loves my pregnant belly!! He is so so sweet and I know he's totally obsessed with the belly lol..I love being pregnant 9 months out of my total existence is really nothing at all. I love all the attention from my BF and all of our family. This is my first so I'm totally embracing this miracle that I'll only experience a few times in my life. I miss having wine or going out all night but this is much better than all of that! I guess you can also say I'm so happy because I never got sick or experienced any annoying symptoms except some intolerable headaches and bloating..but anyway I'm really excited can't wait =)



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