Anyone Have Any Know It All Sister In Laws

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Frustrated - November 23

Does anyone have any know it all sister in laws that u just cant stand? I do she is driving me nuts. She has 1 child and its like she knows everything and what I know is wrong and she thinks she's always right. I go to tell her things that Im experiancing and she actually tells me Im wrong and it's all in my head that there is no way I could be going through that at this time. It also makes her upset that I found this website b/c I get other advise instead of hers. Then she reminds me all the time on how expensive kids are and how we should of waited. Uh h__lo wasn't planning on getting prego I was on the pill. She makes me so mad I cant stand it. Sorry ladies I just had to vent. Has anyone else gone through a situation like this and if so what is the best way to deal with them?


Jill - November 23

I believe we may have the same sis in law! Mine is exactly like that. They are much more well off and she constantly is telling me what I should get (such as a $250 car seat). She also seems to know how to raise children even though she just had her first. She keeps telling me I will want to carry my baby around in one of those slings, and I have back problems!!!! Just thank her for the advice she gives, and take it all with a grain of salt.


P P - November 23

Sounds like i have the same sister in law as well. Only my sister in law is due the same time as me and she already has one child. But she knows absolutely everything, it really annoys her when i eat things they say not to. I am lucky in a way as she lives an hour away from me and i don't see her all too much. As Jill said take it all with a grain of salt. Either that or tell her you don't need her advice.


Can't stand SIL - November 23

Mind if I vent, too? I don't have a know it all SIL, but one who's not very nice or respectful of me! (She's hubby's brother's wife) She's very jealous of me because I'm fun, outgoing, and talkative. Family enjoy being around me, but not her a lot of the time. She's very quiet, but can be rude and ignorant to people when she wants to be. When she found out hubby and I were trying for a baby, she got upset because she wanted to be the first one to have a baby in the family. Oh good grief....she's almost 30 years old! Grow up! She won't ask about my pregnancy at all, much less talk to me. I think she's spoken maybe about 10 sentences to me in the past year-literally, no joke! She won't sit in the same room as me. If I walk into a room, she leaves. She's nosy and into my business, yet won't try to have a friendly relationship with me. This has been going on for two years now. BUT the last straw was when I was recently informed that she was telling people in MY family that hubby and I were trying for a baby. She knew that we weren't telling anyone, except for a few people that we had chosen to tell. She, also, never speaks to my family-ever! But she apparantly ran right up to this person with a big gloating smile on her face and told them that we were trying. The nerve! What business did she have doing that??!! Needless to say, I am not on speaking or being nice terms with her at all. Why do people act this way?! Thanks, for letting me vent! Good luck with your SIL. I hope things get better for you! My advice to you is to tell her how it is if you have to. Be nice and tactful, but let her know you are offended by what she says. I think the worst thing is when someone thinks you don't know what your talking about just because this is your first child. My FIL is like that and I'm ready to tell him how it is! There's no reason why she should be rude and cause you stress during your pregnancy. Best of wishes to you!


frustrated - November 24

Wow! Im glad I posted this now. Thanks for sharing I hope it helped you. Thank You for your advice. Good Luck to all of you.


Lilly - November 24

Hey frustrated, I know how you feel, I too have one of those, but you know what I fiigured out, they most ofen just want to feel superior because they are jelous for whatever reson, so thats exactly what I do, I show off my belly, and tel her how wonderfull my pregnancy is going and stuff like that, as far as her advice, in one ear and out the other, when she talks is smile and nod and then I say " well I learned about an alternative way of doing that Iand I think I will stick with that... but thanks..! (smile) or soemthing like that, It drives her crazy but I am still not realy being rude, haha, hope this helps a little


Frustratred - November 24

Thanks Lily I will try that today since I will see her for thanks giving :)


To Can't stand SIL - November 24

I don't have problems with my SIL because I discreetly stay away from her. It's different story with my best friend who is now no longer a friend. No matter how many times I would bring up my pregnancy (and it was hardly at all to not sound obsessive or anything) she would completely ignore it and talk around it. She is single. I was so hurt that I told her how I felt and she told me that she was fed up with me and that she didn't want to stay friends. Women can be mean.


Can't stand SIL - November 24

I know what you mean about women being mean! Some are so nasty and catty! I mean, what's the deal? I consider myself a nice person and I always treat others with respect, even if they are rude to me. It's takes a lot to get me really mad and say something to someone. So it doesn't happen very often. I just don't understand why my SIL treats me this way. I have tried being her friend for the past two years....starting conversation, inviting her to get togethers, getting her special gifts at the holidays, etc... But nothing works. I'm sick of trying and being treated rudely in response. I'm ready to do what Lilly said and put on a big smile and flaunt my ever growing belly and happy pregnancy stories. I know, I know....that's not the answer. But has anyone been so fed up that they want to throw all niceness out the window and be just as catty for once? Then I have to put up with my FIL who hasn't been supportive and tells me that I'm going to hate my life after the baby is born! He treats me like I don't know what I'm talking about when I say I'm experiencing things. He's seems to dwell on negativity and hope for other people to be miserable. Sorry, I'm venting again! I just don't have anyone to talk to who understands what I have to deal with when it comes to my in laws. I wish everyone the best today with the in laws! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


To Can't Stand SIL - November 24

The reason way I stay away from my SIL discreetly is so that I don't look antisocial or like a b*tch. It works. I only talk to her when I have to in a friendly way and I never share anything personal. There was a time when I did and it took me many times of being stabbed in the back and having things thrown back at me to realize that I have to keep my mouth shut. The only person I confide things to is mom and DH. Stay away from that negativity your FIL is dishing out too. The aggravation is not worth it. Life is too short to listen to or deal with garbage.



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