Anyone Have Asthma

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rach - November 20

Just wondering if anyone with asthma is using Advair? It's a class C drug & I'm kind of worried, but if I don't take it I will have an asthma attack, which the doctor said would be much worse for the baby than any effects of the drug. Has anyone used Advair for the duration of their pregnancy?


R - November 20

What does an asthma attack do to a fetus?


rach - November 20

Having an asthma attack deprives the mother and the baby of oxygen.


rach - November 21

OK, has has anyone taken any asthma medications at all during their pregnancy?


Sharon - November 21

I have asthma and take Advair twice a day. From what I have read, they believe the risk of adverse effects is very small since you are inhaling the medicine into your lungs and very little should get into the bloodstream. And as you said, an asthma attack would be much worse. My asthma was out of control before Advair so I will take it throughout this pregnancy (I'm 13 1/2 weeks).


Deb - November 21

I'm 16 weeks and donot take a medication on a daily basis. I have exercise induced asthma and seeing as I've had no energy till now I haven't had to use it but the Dr said to use it if I need it. Basically the baby doesn't get oxygen if we don't. The inhaler didn't pose any problems, maybe cutting back or trying to go off it and see how you do depending on your severity. I have noticed my breathing is more shallow and will continue you be as more space it taken up around our lungs from the baby.


rach - November 21

My asthma is moderate to severe, so there is no chance of going off the medications. My doctor says he has seen lots of asthmatics who take the same things I am on, but it's more rea__suring to talk to the women who are in the same boat :).


psp - November 27

I am almost 32 wks pregnant, mildly asthmatic. Did not take advair the first trimester. Toward the beginning of my second trimester was taking albuterol several times a week. So went on the advair. Last month, at about 27 weeks, doctor said baby is undersized and put me on bed rest (diastolic notching was appearant). Wondering if diastolic notching and very small size of baby at 32 wks should compel me to go off advair. Anyone?



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