Anyone Have Myspace

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Bluespace86 - July 11

Mine is Does anyone else here have myspace?


Nell143 - July 11

I do but it is private you have to add me as a friend


jnine29 - July 11

mine is


Gena - July 11

Mine is


alwaysamber - July 11

Mine is [email protected] -If you add me make sure you send a message saying where you are from..the forum that is cuz mine is set to private>:)


venus_in_scorpio - July 12


venus_in_scorpio - July 12

how do u make it private? well not like it matters i stopped getting the dirty messages from people i didnt know when i posted a picture of me pregnant.... LOL


jenniferhanks - July 12

I'm completely addicted and my husband thinks I'm crazy! Take care!


jenstewart21 - July 12

i have one too - not something i ever thought i would get into - haha


venus_in_scorpio - July 13

im addicted too... lol I didnt even know what it was or the stigma it held until it was too late. lol


Nell143 - July 13

I'm a complete myspace addict too! My dh gets frustrated with how much I like to be on there.


Bluespace86 - July 13

I know what you all mean. I'm addicted to myspace and facebook XD


tritty - July 13

i'm not quite into my second trimester yet but i still come and see what's going on over here.... i too, like many of you have become a myspace addict. i think they need a recovery program. LOL, anyhow, i'd love to have you as friends so check it out and request me!


jessicadru - July 13

Hey guys, I love myspace. It helps me keep in touch with friends and family! I would love to see some of your pages... Mine is


Nell143 - July 13

Well When I get home from work I will be sure to check your pages out! How far is everyone? 14 weeks here


mcbanes_angel - July 13

my myspace is i am also very addicted!


jenniferhanks - July 14

I'm finishing up my 14th week and only have one 'pregnant pic' on there because I look like I'm just getting fat. I can't wait to actually start showing :)



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