Anyone Have Really BAD Backaches

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Marie6549 - January 29

I am currently 15w 3d and woke up at 3am this morning with shooting backache. I guess I must have pulled a muscle or something while sleeping as it was fine before I went to bed and have never had problems with my back before. If I sit down or lay down the pain goes as soon as my body has adjusted to being in that position, but the moment I go to get up or turn over thats when the pain starts up.....oh and I have just got a cold so you can only imagine when I sneeze! I know this must be pregnancy related and spoke to my midwife, she said that there isn't really anything that can be done and to keep resting. I hope it goes away soon as this is so painful :0(


Maggie - January 29

I have bad back problems too. Mine started at around 13 weeks, and I'm exactly 17 weeks today. What I do is wet a wash cloth and microwave it until its hot (about 30 seconds), then I put it on the part of my back that hurts. Just don't burn yourself. Good luck and I hope you feel better.


seanandmya - January 29

I sympathise completley ! Last night I actually had to wake up dh to turn me because I woke up on my back and my lower back seized up and I couldn't move , was a bit scary for a few minutes but we laughed about it afterwards , I AM ACTUALLY TURNING INTO A BEACHED WHALE ! LOL


jessicaspatherapist - January 29

i'm 14.5 weeks and my back kills too! my spine kills, my lower back and sometimes in between my shoulder blades. i'm a ma__sage therapist so i plan on getting a ma__sage this week, however my back KILLS when i'm ma__saging people....especially the longer 80 minute ma__sages...yesterday i had to sit down while working on this lady (i don't think she noticed). Also my abdomen feels soooooo sore...from my pubic bone up to my ribs feels like i've done 7000 crunches! anyone else having this??? Seanandmya, i'm LOL about your beached whale comment!


ejmeskan - January 29

I have Sciatica and it absolutely kills. It takes my breath away completely. I will be walking and all of the sudden my nerve will make me freeze and almost drop to my knees. I feel for you- it is NO fun. Good luck


Lauryn - January 29

I know what you mean, I am 14w5d and I have have back pain something terrible. The weird thing is that 2 years ago I had a back surgery to kill the nerves in my lower back that control pain. It was part of an aggressive pain control method due to lots of lower back issues. Anyways, since I have been pregnant the pain is back and this time with more vengence. hehe If I lay on my back or sit reclined for more then about 5 minutes, I can't get out of bed or stand. I hope this pa__ses....right now I have to walk around like I am missing my walker. =P I usually ask my dh to rub my lower back and that helps, we have tennis b___s that he uses so his hands don't go numb.


ophelia73 - January 29

I started having severe back pain Christmas day while I had the stomach flu. It didn't really ease up until several weeks ago when I started seeing a chiropractor. It still aches very low, like across my hips, but that is to be expected as things loosen & stretch to accomodate baby. If it is debilitating, I would see a chiro, or even a doctor. My family doc prescribed muscle relaxers & vicodin. I only took them one day because I didn't feel comfortable, but the chiro has worked miracles!


Tracy88 - January 29

I went to the doc today for my back pain because it is horrible! I am 24 weeks today. He said I am compensating for this big belly and my back muscles are hard as rocks, so he is making me go to physical therapy where I will do stretching, heat, ma__sage, and ultrasound to loosen up the muscles. He just didn't recommend a chiropractor for me at this point.



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