Anyone Having Less Sex

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M - July 7

I just want to know if I'm the only one who's s_x life has taken a major dive? My husband says s_x is a little weird now that he's felt the baby move. Anyone else going through the same thing? Let me know I'm not alone.


alex - July 7

This happened to me with my first and second pregnancys. About the time my belly started getting big, my husband said it was just weird knowing our baby was there. I was upset about this b/c I really wanted s_x. So, try not to feel too bad, I think this is common. It's sort of coming back to him this time. I'm about 15 weeks and I think we've had s_x maybe 4 times since i've been pregnant. It's just the last thing I want now. You are now alone.


Heidi - July 7

No you're not. I can totally relate. Ever since my belly popped I'm lucky to get it once a week vs him bugging me every day!!! It's very discouraging but my friends said it happened to them too.


alex - July 7

I just wanted to let you know on my last response I did not mean you are now alone, I meant you are NOT alone. sorry, sometimes i type to fast and don't double check.


Julie - July 7

Yes but I haven't been in the mood this entire pregnancy! Now that I am getting huge it is a total turn off.


Bree - July 7

My problem is that I am always worried about hurting the baby in some way even though I know it won't. I think I just worry too much altogether.


belle - July 7

My poor husband wants s_x all the time still, but it's me who has no desire! We did it like rabbits until I was preggo! (newleyweds!)


Tanya - July 7

I wanted s_x all the time with my first pregancy, and want it all the time now with this one. It was after the pregnancy that I didn't want it. And that lasted like that for at least six months after birth of my first one. Hopefully it won't take me so long to get my drive back after this one.


Jessica F. - July 7

Not exactly what you are going through. But yeah we have had a major drive dive. It's been a little weird too cause it was a major change for us.


firsttimemomma - July 7

Heck no, you're not the only one!!! I am 17 weeks and have not had any s_x with my boyfriend since we found out...The pregnancy was unplanned and a total surprise. Its not me because I'm h__y as ever, its him, he says that its weird because he now sees me as a mother and not the wild s_x goddess that he once knew! I'm getting very frustrated with this as I am ready to rape him!!! lol


J - July 7

Wish my husband would lay off he thinks pregnant woman are s_xy and still wants s_x all the time. I on the otherhand would like a break.


firsttimemomma - July 7

J, youre LUCKY


Smiles - July 7

My husband was the same way. We would go 3 weeks without haviong s_x. I finally asked him and he said it was because he felt like the baby was there when we did. It started when I started to get big. Don't worry though it will get better, and the s_x will too!!


lynnstress - July 7

You are not alone. I'm 17 weeks and we have only had s_x ONCE since I found out I was pregnant. And that's only because I told hubby I need to know if it's going to be different. It was. I didn't get as excited as I used to, my b___bs and nipples were REALLY tender, and I just didn't really enjoy it. I always wanted s_x more than he did before I got pregnant. I'm kind of surprised I actually DID get pregnant, what with only having s_x once or twice a month. My hubby is a freak. But he's all mine, and he's always been like this, even when I was young and thin and fabulous. The only reason he is still walking the earth is that I still don't have much of s_x drive since becoming pregnant.


lynnstress - July 7

Also, hubby says he's kinda weirded out because I am pregnant and we have seen baby moving around via ultrasound.


LoveBeingaMommy - July 7

It's like they think there is a third person there watching. The only reason this causes problems is because men don't know how to just tell us what there feeling. They make us nag and nag until finally the truth comes out and they could of saved alot of trouble if they would of just said it in the first place.


Kim - July 9

Before I got pregnant me and my boyfriend used to do it once a day ... now it's more like NEVER! His s_x drive hasn't changed since I've been pregnant; skinny or with a bulging belly...he wants some! It's not like I don't want's just really unconfortable for me. I think about it, dream about it...but when it comes to actual penetration (sorry if that's TMI), I can't stand it. ARRRGG.... it's SOOO fusterating!!!!! I miss having orgasms!!!!!!!!! :'(



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