Anyone Having Troubles With Weight

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Yuri - December 12

I am 25w now, and I just cannot help looking at me and thinking 'Hey look how big you are woman'. I just feel awful and not attractive to my husband. Any suggestions?


Amanda - December 12

Just remember what you are doing! You are carrying a beautiful baby created out of love. That alone makes you attractive. You are doing an awesome thing, and not everyone can. It is hard to deal with extra weight that you can't control, but remember you are glowing. Pregnant women are all beautiful no matter there shape, size or color.


erin - December 12

I agree with Amanda. We are doing something that many women WISH they could do. We are privileged to be gaining weight! I know it is at times depressing but I keep focusing on the positive. Besides, it's only temporary! As as suggestion, I try to dress nicely, do my hair and put on makeup. That makes me feel better about myself when I'm down about how I look.


to Yuri - December 13

That's funny. I feel the total opposite. My boyfriend thinks I'm gorgeous, and I completely believe him. And we were at a holiday party last night with all these women with flat stomachs, and I thought "I'm having a baby! Woo!" I'm probably in the minority in this, but that's really how I feel.


JB - December 13

It is something that is special. I dont have a huge tummy yet, but it is a good feeling, and my husband thinks its cute. I'm sure once I get into my 8th and 9th month I will be a little more antsy for the baby to get here. Enjoy it while it lasts. One day....years down the road you are going to look at other pregnant women, and probably wish you could have that feeling again. You will loose the weight after giving birth. I now know its possible to loose the weight really quickly after giving birth if you continue to eat really healthy and exercise. ...b___st feeding helps too. My cousin and sister-in-law both lost every ounce of their baby weight in like 2 weeks. They both gained average amounts when pregnant, but even if you gain more than WILL loose it!!


Lisa D - December 17

I am 26 wks and huge! Everyone tells me I must be having twins and I am NOT. Doesn't make me feel smaller. However, this is the first time in my life I am happy letting my stomach stick out as far as it wants because at least I can say I am "pregnant" instead of everyone a__suming I am just fat. Enjoy this time of it being beautiful to be big. Soon enough we can start working about losing weight while still eating right to b___st feed. Enough to worry about later, enjoy this time now. I know my husband says he thinks a pregnant wife is the most beautiful thing. And remember, I AM HUGE. I'm sure your husband has rose colored gla__ses since you are carrying HIS child.


Petra - December 19

Yuri, big and BEAUTIFUL! It's a different shape to be in, that's for sure, but what an amazing thing! Would your husband give you a little extra hugs, support, and encouragement if you told him how you're feeling? It's odd being so much bigger than usual, but unless he's a fella that's really hung up on so-called perfect looks, he's probably enjoying being amazed by witnessing the whole process, too. You're still the sweetie he loves.....just shaped a bit different for awhile.



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