Anyone Home On Disability

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al - October 31

hey---just wondering if anyone is out on disability and why. i have been having a horrible time at work latetly as far as stress and anxiety and trying to stop working cause it is starting to affect me physically...any help would be appreciated


jessielouwho - October 31

Me too, I'm going to talk to my doctor about cutting my hours. I guess we have something called "part-time short term disablity" at my company that I can apply for. But I wonder if I'm just being a whiney baby or what the doctor is going to think of me. How far along are you?


rl - October 31

I just thought I would let you know about short term disabilty...well with my company you can use it up to 6wks with pregnancy so if you take it early you may not have it when you go out to have the baby so you better check into it to see if you can afford to be out of work for awhile with out pay and most companies don't even offer it so you should contact your personnel dept and find out what you are ent_tled to...good luck


jena - October 31

i stopped working and went on disability at only 31 weeks - the doctor insisted on it since i am carrying twins. before i left i was very tired and didn't get much done at work, and since i have been home, i've realized JUST how tired I was! i can't imagine still working - if you can get out of it, it'll help you a lot. just to be able to nap is huge!


Brooke - November 1

I am 28 weeks and had to go on bed rest 3 weeks ago. It was a total surprise. I am a kindergarten teacher and now I am only going to get paid till November and my benefits may not even last till the baby is born. I am going on disability, but it won't last long enough. I totally feel like I am being mistreated, especially after I have put so much into my job.


Tess - November 1

Im 11w4d and Im plannin on resigning when Im up to the point that I cant work anymore. Hub has no problem w/ that.......I just feel bad in a way that he's the one working while I slack at home...Newei, you should talk to your HR about filing disability if you have short term disability you can get qualified for that soo you're still earning a lil even though you're not working. But you should read your handbook first and talk to your HR thats the best thing to do. Good Luck! or you can visit this and under Maternity'd find your answer. HOpe that helps.


Lora - November 1

Unless you have a high risk preganancy or are ordered on bed rest by a doctor, I think it's being whiny to get on disablility just because you are preganat. I wish people would stop draining disablity dry by filing false claims for benefits.


Cara - November 1

I am sorry ladies but I am going to have to agree w/ Lora. I understand every job is different with stress levels and everything else but I have to say there are a lot of women out there that are babies about the whole thing. I work with someone who is due 3 weeks before me, in Jan. and she went out 2 weeks ago b/c she has gained over 50 lbs already and has swollen feet so her doc put her out, we are in CA however and she will run out of her disability before her baby is even born and legally our employer only has to hold her position for 12 weeks that is per our HR dept.


Lena - November 2

Cara, I'm in Cal also. According to my employer's HR and to the Cal disability web site, you can receive 30 days prior to your due date and this can be increased to a longer term based on your age, occupation, job limitations, prior pg history, and current med condition. A coworker is due in January and she is currently on std for a dialated cervix. She will be covered until she gives birth. At birth, her postpartum short term disability becomes effective which will be an additional 6 weeks. After disablity runs out, you can take Paid Family Leave for an additional 6 weeks. It is against the law for any employer to fire an employee who is on disability of paid family leave. Your employer may change your position, however, so long as it is at the same level and pay grade.


Eileen - November 2

I am very confused about this disability leave.I'm due Jan.28th and I'm fine so far I sit all day for the most part so I think I will work till I can't take it any more---but my consearn is my company is being sold to new ownwers which may happen in December so what happens now -will that have anything to do with my disability?????



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