Anyone Know About Incompetent Cervix

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Jenn - October 18

I seem to worry about every little thing regarding my pregnancy (this is my 1st and I'm at 19 weeks) latest worry is an incompetent cervix. Does anyone know if I could physically tell if my cervix is shortening (I've tried to feel it and it feels a lot farther up than before I got pregnant). Is this normal? Has anyone ever experience an IC and if so, did you have any symptoms? I appreciate any/all info you can share!


Camilla - October 18

Hey Jenn. Please don't worry yourself too much. It's really unlikely. If you start worrying about that, you could also worry about a whole ton of other things, even if your cervix is the most competent ever. Chances are good, you'll be fine. You can always ask your doc if you're concerned, but I don't think you can feel if it's incompetent or not. Most of the times it closes firmly and stays closed firmly! Happy pregnancy..


Emy - October 19

Your doctor will be able to tell on the ultrasound you should be having soon. I asked my doctor to look at my cervix on two occasions: Once during my pap smear and once during the ultrasound and she said. "nice and long...nothing to worry about it." And she told me it is routine for docs to check during the ultrasound anyways so if you already had yours and they did not say anything to you, you really have nothing to worry about. So....I regret that I worried so much. I know it is normal but you would most likely have signs. For one, you would have funny looking mucousy discharge (often tinged with blood). Chances are, if you got this you would call your doctor anyways. You are fine.....Enjoy this blessed second pregnancy because things will start (if they have not already) to get really


j - October 19

I have an incompetent cervix. 2 years ago I had 2 surgeries on my cervix because I had cervical cancer. I didn't have a problem but the dr. was watching me closly. At 25 weeks, my cervix was effaced 50%, it was 2.1 cm long. (a normal length is between 3.5-4.0 cm) I am currently 31 weeks and my cervix is about 1.9 cm but now it's funneling. I have been seeing the doctor 2x week and have weekly u/s (trans v____al) to check the length. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO PHYSICAL SIGNS...besides maybe bleeding. So, if you are worried, I would recommend staying off your feet as much as possible...don't lift anything, no s_x, no feeling your cervix yourself (the more your cervix is messed with, the more of a chance there is of you starting to efface, dialate, etc.). Talk to your doctor if you are worried about it. Good Luck!



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