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JADELEE - November 26

Hi ladies, i was wondering if there was any mother's or woman you know of who had their baby early? for an e.g dates between 26-32 weeks. If so how was the baby and what is it like now?


sami - November 26

tough question. i'm an rn in a newborn icu. i've taken care of babies 23 weeks and up. the only sure thing is the every baby is different. you can't compare baby to baby.


Lindsay - November 26

JADELEE, Im not as much use as sami, Ive just read a lot. Babies 22 weeks can be saved, but run a huge risk of defects, learning and cognitive disorders, other things like cerebral palsy and asthma, this risk (Ive read) decreases a lot by 28 weeks, 30 week babies have a real good chance of being normal, and 32 week babies have a really good chance. Sami's right though, some 36 weekers come out all screwed up and some 24 week babies recover fully, its an individual thing. From what I read though, 28 weeks seems to be when they improve quite a bit with the serious brain bleeds and stuff although they are still considered extremely premature.


shannon - November 27

My good friend had her son last May at 28 wks. It was scary at first b/c he only weighed 2 lbs. 8 oz. but he pulled through and was able to go home a week after his original due date in July. He is now almost 7 mos. and is in the 5% weightcla__s for his age group. But they had him tested and he is only a little behind developmentally. He gets therapy 1 hour a week. They say by the time he is two he should be caught up to his age category developmentally.


erin - November 27

A friend of mine had her baby girl at 27 weeks, she was just over 2 lbs and came home from the hospital a couple of weeks before her original due date. It took her until she was about 18 mos. to walk, which isn't terribly late, and probably until 2 to "catch up". She is now 5, totally normal with no problems. I recall she had lots of ear infections when she was younger, but lots of kids have that problem.



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