Anyone Looking At Daycare Yet

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dwarrior - September 20

I just started today, and I'm only 14 weeks. But I live in Manhattan, where spots are tight. I am soooo depressed. I cannot believe how much it will cost to send our baby to a daycare center when it's six months old. The tuition ranges from $1500 to over $2000! That's almost what I take home in a month. I plan to go back to work after my FMLA time is up, and then my boyfriend will be home with the baby for the summer (he's a teacher) but that September, we will have to find childcare, and I can't believe how much it costs. Just venting, thanks for reading :) Experienced moms, any help is appreciated. And no, leaving the baby with family is not really an option, as my mom is also a teacher, and his mom is retired but lives in Pennsylvania.


sahm2alaj - September 20

I wish i had some great advise, but I am def not an expert when it comes to daycares. I was fortunate enough that my cousin stays at home and lives 2 minutes from my house. So she has watched my son since he was a month old. Is the tuition of $1500-$2000 the cost monthly?? If so, wouldn't it benefit you more to stay home with the baby??? I live in Miami and the cost here for a 'good' center with a curriculum is about $800 monthly. I hope someone here has some better advise:) Good luck!


Happymommy - September 20

dwarrior--Sorry for your dilemma. I am a stay at home mom, so I have not had to deal with your problem,but when dh and I were deciding on whether or not I should go back to work we found that staying at home nearly pays for itself. I nursed for a year (formula is very costly), I used much less gas (I previously had an hour each way commute) and we would save on daycare. I also did not have to spend so much on career clothing, among other things. It was tight at first but it really has worked itself out and I am able to be with my little ones. I don't know if that is an option for you or if you have a desire to stay home, but its just a thought. I feel for you and I hope that everything works out. Let us know!


Astra - September 20

would getting a nanny/au pair be as expensive? I don't know at all but was wondering if it is an option.


duckiec - September 20

HI dwarrior, DH and I share your concerns completely! We haven't started looking yet (at 17+wks I'm still having a tough time believing we're having a baby- probably due to previous m/cs), but are terrified at the options and cost. We don't have close family either, and live in the DC area- not nearly as crazy as NYC, but the area we live in is lacking in some resources that other communities have... and when we crunch the numbers we just can't see how we can do everything off of one salary. My sister-in-law lives in Manhattan and got a nanny for their baby- nice if you can afford it but we can't. Keep us posted on the search and any advice- I'll do the same!


sarah21 - September 20

Man that really stinks. Daycare here in Texas at the Baptist church (a really good daycare) is about $100/week and I thought that was a lot! Yikes. Thankfully my mom is about 10 minutes out of the way from work so she has offered to keep the baby during the day. The very thought of it still depresses me though. I want to be home with my little one but I can't afford to.


mrssolo - September 20

dwarrior I understand. I live on Long Island and Daycare costs about the same here and I'm having twins. While they do give a multiple child discount why work? I found that my father is willing to watch the kids for slave wages, lol. I have an 8 year old son as well and after school care alone for two hours a day is over $800 a month and then another $3000 per month for the babies??? I would need to be a prost_tute to afford that. I only work because I provide the family benefits, but still to pay my whole salary to Daycare in stab through the heart. Best of luck to you. You might be best off hiring a private nanny. Try parenting plus or a similar service and see if it winds up being cheaper. They scan the people and run background checks before they let them interview with anyone.


Kira_lynn - September 20

Eww that really sucks. I live in Canada and right now im off for 15weeks due to maternity illness and then i take 50weeks for maternity leave. I never knew it sucked so bad for others. I only get $75 a week but im not the soul-bread winner. Daycare is so not worth it for us tho. Cause i make less than what daycare costs, so im just gonna stay home. Im also home-schooling for the first few years of his life.


corbin289 - September 20

I know alot of peole including myself that figured the same things out after check the costs of childcare. If your paying every penny your making to child care why work and let them spend all the time with your child. Plus I planned on going back to work until ds was born and then I couldnt stand the thought of leaving him! I was also the one who carried the benefits because my husband is self emp. so now we buy then ourselves and I found a career that was flexible and could be part time (real estate) and I have been staying home doing that for 6 years now. Good luck!!


dwarrior - September 20

Thanks guys for your support. I don't really think staying at home is much of an option, because my salary would still be significantly higher than the cost of daycare. Also, as an only child, I spent most of my pre-school years alone with my grandmother, and I would love my child to have playmates and a daily routine with other kids. I am just appalled at how much it costs to send an infant to day care. What we would pay per month, is actually more than I paid for an entire semester tuition at the college I graduated from. Here in the northeast, our cost of living is so high, and the salaries are not as high to afford a particularly extravagent life. Keep me in mind.


dwarrior - September 20

Also, I work for a Fortune 500 company that consistently ranks as one of the best for working mothers, yet there are 5000 employees in my building, and no onsite daycare. How hard would it be for large companies to have childcare facilities onsite. I bet productivity would increase because parents would be able to spend more time with their children, b___stfeed longer, and a whole host of other benefits. It's a win-win situation, and if they were really dedicated to helping working mothers, it's a no-brainer. Lord knows they have the money. Just my soapbox for the day.


Chris1975 - September 21

Hi Dwarrior, in Sydney, Aus, where i live, day care ranges from about $70-$110 /day in city area (where i live and work). My hubby works in a child care, but its against policy to have the child at same place as him! Crazy! He earns about what we would pay in childcare so thinking after my 1 year maternity leave, i will let him stay home! We will see. Also, joining a mothers group straight after birth, and also a playgroup are fantastic ways for your kid to have a social life without paying ridiculous rates, plus its good for you to meet new friends that are in the same position you are with a newborn. I agree with you about the child care at work problem. I work for IBM who also promote happy work-life family and working mums, yet they dont provide this service to our thousands of employees either!



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