Anyone Not Breastfeeding

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anonymous for this one... - May 6

I know I may be setting myself up for an attack here... I certainly understand the benefits of br___tfeeding my baby. I am also required to go back to work very quickly (among other personal reasons) and think that it (br___tfeeding) just might not be the best thing for me - or even feasable. Do any of you have experience with NOT br___tfeeding? Also, less important though, did NOT br___tfeeding prevent you from getting back to your old shape as quickly? Any info from those with experience would be greatly appreciated.


Pleasantly Plump - May 6

I think it is a deeply personal decision and that given you need to provide financially for your family that there is nothing wrong with the decision to bottle feed. I feel that you will be a loving and normal mother whether or not you b___stfeed. My mother b___stfed none of her children and we are great and very healthy. I am 24 now. I do not believe that b___stfeeding is for all people. It can make you feel very isolated and tied down not to mention prevent the need to provide in other ways. As far as losing weight I would speculate to say that a healthy diet and exercise will do the trick.


Carol - May 6

For various reasons, some medical and some job related, I am also not going to b___stfeed. It seems like it has become such a taboo thing to formula feed and I try not to discuss it with people because everyone wants to give you her opinion on the matter, but I am with Anonymous, I have the same questions and hope that someone out there can answer them. And please, no negative comments. We have made these decisions and we are not judging anyone for choosing something different - just advice for the decision already made please!?


Anonymous - May 6

Well said Carol. Thank you.


rb - May 6

i think i may try it but i know my mom just plain did not have time and had to go back to work - and me and my two siblings are just fine. Also, my mother in law was unable to b___stfeed her two babies, and they are fine too... i think that you should be okay and the baby will be fine too..and i feel bad that you had to post anonymously for this one, fearing attack... don't worry what people think... a lot of people ooze advice on here and they don't know ppl's personal situations... good luck - but i think all will be well for you :)


Julie - May 6

I didn't b___stfeed my son and he is very healthy now (he's 3). He is very smart and he never gets sick. I loved formula feeding because everyone in the family helped and I didn't feel like I constantly had someone sucking on me. I just didn't have the natural instinct to b___stfeed as some women. I gained 50 lbs. and lost all of it within 6 months and fit into all my prepregnancy clothes. I think that losing weight while b___stfeeding is a myth. My sister is b___stfeeding (for 9 months now) and she still hasn't lost her weight. I thought about trying it this time but after I see what my sisters have gone through (baby not sleeping through the night for a year, b___st infections, pain, and feeling like a milk factory) I've decided against it. My husband is very supportive and hasn't tried to pressure me because my son is very healthy from formula. Also I have a little boy that needs attention and I think b___stfeeding is more time consuming although those who b___stfeed disagree. My husband helped make bottles and we prepared them ahead of time. Oh and my son slept at 6 weeks. Good luck.


amanda - May 7

I dont think that chosing not to b___stfeed is a bad decision. I too think that it is a very personal choice and that no one else can make it for you. I have two daughters. the first one I b___stfed and the second one I did not. I find no difference between the two. I am now pregnant for the third time and I am not b___stfeeding this one either. I am just glad that I am not the only one out there because with everyone pushing the issue to b___stfeed all the time it can make you feel guilty, but I have put everyone elses opinion out of my head and have decided to do what I want and what I ultimitly think will be better for myself and my baby.


N - May 7

You're not setting yourself up for attack. Tons of mothers don't b___stfeed. I actually did both with my first child. Breast and bottle. But then switched completely to bottle at 4 months. I'm probably going to do both again, but maybe just for 2 months. I like the idea of the baby getting what's natural for at least a little while, but I think they get good stuff from the bottle as well. I don't think b___stfeeding gets you back in shape quicker - i agree- it's a myth. Perhaps it contracts the uterus back into shape, but heck I don't know. Seems I lost more weight after i stopped BF.


Jbear - May 8

I wanted to b___stfeed because I knew it was supposed to be best for the baby, but it just seemed so gross to me. I tried pumping milk to take to my daughter when she was in the NICU, and I couldn't get enough out for her. I was actually relieved that we had to use formula.


rae - May 8

This is my 3rd and my first child I did both, my second I only bottle. I know everyone pushes b___st feeding but YOUR NOT A BAD MOTHER FOR NOT. I still haven't made up my mind this time around.


Guilty mom - July 13

I, too, am not b___stfeeding my baby. He's almost three weeks old, and I tried my darndest to get things to work. I felt practically suicidal when I couldn't get it to work. But he seems to love his formula. I do wish I could have b___stfed, but just know you're not alone.


Ranya - July 14

Regarding the weight issue, I've heard of lots of women who actually put on weight from breasfeeding because it makes you sooooooooo hungry! I've read it depletes your fat stores but what's the benefit of that if you end up eating even more out of hunger! My sisters and I weren't b___stfed because mom didn't have any milk, and we turned out pretty ok :) I plan to give it a try, hopefully it works out for me.


Jennifer - July 14

I plan to formula feed for different personal reasons. I must say that I do want to give b___stfeeding a try. Maybe I will end up both b___st and formula feeding my son. But the bottle will be his main food source. I also don't talk about this a lot because of the verbal attack it spurs. I think it's sad that women are treated like terrible mothers if they decide not to b___stfeed. It is your own personal choice. My sister has done both. She b___stfed her first son and she loved it. She said it was convienent, cheap, and she loved feeling close to her son, she did not lose weight however, and her son also battles with childhood asthma. When her second son came along she decided to b___stfeed again, this time it was horrible, he cried all the time and had bad diarrhea, so she switched to formula. He also has asthma. I guess what I'm saying is it's the right thing for some women and their children, and it's not for others. All that matters is that our kids feel safe, happy, and loved. I wish you all healthy and happy babies.


Dawnyawn - July 14

This is my personal opinion but i think all babies deserve a chance.. I attempted to b___st feed with my First but she just had no desire to be fed via b___st.. But I felt better that i tried... And i plan to TRY again with this one (20 wks pregnant) But If its a no go im going to formula feed or atleast pump a little



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