Anyone NOT Finding Out The Baby S Sex

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squished - June 17

My dh and I are going in for our 20w u/s this coming week and we both are leaning towards not finding out what we are having. People we've said this to almost looked shocked and act like they can't believe that we wouldn't find out. (I know....the horror!) It's almost like it's expected to know before. The only thing that bothers me about not knowing is that there are such limited options for crib bedding and things. Plus after we have the baby I'm sure we will get plenty of gender specific stuff. Not knowing we'll just have to have a boys and girls name picked out and an outfit for each to go home from the hospital in. Anyone else NOT going to find out?


aggie03 - June 17

I am not and I know exactly what you mean!!! people are so appauled (sp?)!!! I felt the same way about the baby stuff bc I dont like the all yellow or green. However, I am planning on using a basanet in my room for the first couple of weeks for sure. Which will give me plenty of time to go buy, or send hubby to get one of the ones Ive already picked out for boy or girl. Who said the baby room has to be completely done when the baby is born?!


alverran - June 17

Hello squished I am actually in my 3rd trimester but bounce back and forth to see if there is any good information. My husband and I did not find out what we are having. It was hard, but who 30 years ago knew what they were having? We are not decorating the baby's room until after he/she is born and picking out two names was actually fun. The older women seem to respect this decision, it's my girlfriends who are having a hard time (pink or blue), either way, it's yours and your dh's decision. Good luck.


annie24 - June 17

hi all,im living in ireland and its very rare that people find out the s_x of the baby fact we found out by mistake with our was clearly a boy from looking at the u/s, we looked at just the wrong time!!! no family or friends wanted to know when we told them we found out.This time every time we go in for u/s before i lie down i ask them to tell me when they are going anywhere south of the head. i guess its just diff countries..diff ways of doing things but i think it wil be fun this time and give me that extra push(excuse the pun) to see what s_x it is.good luck all/


SuzieQ - June 17

we didn't find out either at our 18wk u/s. We decided that if we could tell, then great, but if we couldn't it wouldn't be a big deal. sure enough, our little one had feet in front of face and wouldn't open their legs to let us see! lol - it was kind of funny actually!


Mingill - June 17

Hi squished (I'm 3rd tri, but I like to check the 2nd tri board from time to time), we're not finding out either. Everyone expects you to, but when people find out that we don't want to know they are always supportive. At my prenatal cla__ses, there are 5 couples and none of us want to know. I heard the best line from a sales lady (depending on if you're religeous) "If God had wanted us to know, there'd be a window in there." Something for the next time you get that shocked looked. We're just buying neutral colours, white, beiges, yellow, green, orange... And nowadays, even blue can be used for a girl, I've seen some lovely crib sets that are blue based, but still very gender neutral.


olivia - June 17

We aren't going to either. We didn't with my first and did notice people thought it was strange. The doctors group liked it because they said they loved announcing it to people at birth. We did animals for the nursery and now with number two on the way I am happy to be able to use the same stuff either way. Most of the shower gifts she grew out of in 2 months anyway. I loved guessing all through my pregnancy, and love doing it this time too!


squished - June 17

I'm glad to hear that we aren't the only ones! I think that even if we watch the whole u/s that neither of us could tell what we were looking at anyways :)


Aviendha416 - June 18

Im not finding out my baby's s_x. It's kind of fun to have that surprise at the end of an exhausting and painful labor. My parent's didn't know I was a girl until I was born and they managed just fine. Everyone that has asked me whether or not I wanted to find out has agreed with my not wanting to know. Strange... I'm currently 13 weeks 2 days.


tndrlvn - June 18

Dh and I are on our first and have decided not to find out.....It is going to be a BIG surprise when baby finally comes. they were never able to tell before why should we know now....i can understand why people do it, so they can be prepared for the baby when he/she arrives, but this is one reason why not to find out is because it is sooooooooooo much more exciting, to find out when he/she gets here. I agree with Aviendha...after all the pain and labour you still have GREAT NEWS on finding out what the baby is....congrats to you!!!!!!


scarlett - June 18

We've already found out our baby's gender since week 16 (now 21wks), but I'd understand if you won't want to find out. Whatever floats your boat =)


mischelly30 - June 19

I'm with you all...I don't want to know the s_x either! My doctor actually seemed a little shocked, I guess because so many people want to know the s_x beforehand. But, I like surprises :)


Taffy - June 19

I really wanted to know the s_x as its taken soo long to get pregnant that I'm taking every little gem when I can. We know we're having a girl and I have to say that I wish we had kept it to ourselves now. Several family members have been outwardly rude about not wanting a neice which was upsetting. Also I hate pink at the best of times and now my MIL keeps shoving pink down my throat and I can't say anything to her. My MIL also likes to comment that she won't carry on the family name! I admire you guys for saying that you didn't want to know. Don't get me wrong I love that I know I'm having a girl but I shouldn't have told others. I'm definitely keeping her name a secret!


frankschick2001 - June 19

I am the type of person who reads the last page of a book when I buy it, so yes, I will find out before the baby is born. I just like to be prepared, and during this chaotic time, I think the key to my sanity is being as prepared as possible! Anyway, I had a friend who was surprised and this did not pose a problem for them. At her shower, she got a lot of greens, ecru, lavendar, yellow, and natural tone things, so it really wasn't a big deal. Plus car seats, baby carriages etc., are usually not gender specific anyway. Also, if you look around you will see that nurseries are much more than the usual pink and blue. There are soooo many options, all of them really nice! So don't worry about it.


LINZ - June 20

Hi all, I have my 20 wk u/s next week and I am definatley not finding out! My fiance and I are not too fussed about the s_x of the baby - as long as it is healthy then that is all we are worried about. I think the surprise will just add to the whole labour experience, for me personally. I think it completley depends on the individual. I have bought everything in whites and beiges and dont plan on decorating the baby's room until after the birth. In the unlikley event that we do find out mistakenly at the u/s - I wouldn't tell anyone what the s_x was, at least then it wil be a nice surprise for everyone else! Take care and good luck x



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