Anyone On Glucophage Metformin For 1st Trimester

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jrjd - December 12

Hi, anyone on glucophage/metformin to get pregnant, then on for first trimester? I got pg first month on it, dr. says I will be find to quit taking it after 12th week. I am nervous b/c I have heard of people having miscarriages after quitting it. Anyone have experience??


Stef - December 13

I was on metformin for the first 12 weeks, i'm currently 15 weeks now. so far baby is doing well.


Tess - December 13

I was told the same thing...I stopped takin metformin after my 12th wk. I am now 4 1/2 mos. pg (17 wks and 4 days) baby is fine w/ a healthy 150 bpm.


jrjd - December 13

Thank you so much!! You both stopped it after 12 weeks and all is well??? That is GREAT to hear!!! I feel better.


Victoria - December 13

I was on Metformin to get pregnant. Now I'm 23 week and still taking it in. My Dr. does not want me to quit it until the end of the pregnancy. So far everything is ok with my baby!!!!


jrjd - December 13

Thanks Victoria. That's my dilemma. My dr claims it won't make a bit of difference after 12 weeks, since placenta takes over. He is an ob/gyn, but I'm still nervous. I m/c in March and would rather not again..........not sure what I'll do.


Drew - December 13

Hi, I also took it before finally getting pg and was told I could quit after first trimester. I'm 20 wks now, and mines doing really's a little gymnast!! I was also told the same about the placenta. Good luck!! :)


jrjd - December 14

Thank you for your thoughts everyone. It seems as if everyone that has stopped it after the first trimester has been fine, so I'll probably do that if that's what he recommends. I have the 12 week ultrasound on Tuesday 12/20, hopefully no miscarriage........


jrjd - December 20

Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I just had my 12 week visit yesterday and all was fine. Schewe. I asked Dr. about stopping glucophage or staying on. He said they didn't really know why it worked. He agreed to let me stay on it awhile. Anyone else have any experiences with this??


jrjd - December 20

ps, my Dr. is great, he is an OB/GYN and head of the dept at my clinic. So, he knows what he's talking about. He was just honest and said, we don't really know why it works but it supports pregnancy first trimester and it helps people get pg. Strange........hard to know what to do......


anyone else - December 29

Anyone else take glucophage/metformin for first trimester and then stop it? I am on it now and nervous to stop. I am 13.5 weeks and all is well....



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