Anyone Picked Out Your Baby Names Yet

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CodyKatie5 - September 24

Ok, so I am almost 17 weeks, but I have had my baby names picked out for quite some time and was just wondering if any other moms are like me. I'm not as crazy about my boy name as my girl name, but my hubby will not budge on the boy name. If the baby is a boy, his name is Lane Clark (we said it sounds like a bull rider...haha) and if it is a girl her name is Payslie Marie. Our daughter's name was Brooke Mikayla and I've always loved the name Mikayla, and wanted to still use it, but if this baby is a girl, I definitely want her to feel unique from her big sis. Anyone else want to share?


BABYHOPE - September 24

I am 17 1/2 wks, i find out in 3 wks what the gender is, i hope its a girl cause i only have a girl name, it will be Ryan Elizabeth... i have no clue for a boy name....dh says no to every name i pick out for a boy... =(


SarahBethT - September 24

I am 16 weeks 3 days. We want to name a girl Lily Grace. If we have a boy it will either be Adam Scott or Aaron Blake


CourtneyHope - September 24

I am almost 15 weeks...we find out Halloween what we are having, and for a boy we have picked the name Oliver Robert, and for a girl it will be Penny Hope. Can't wait to find out though so we can call it it's name to my belly!!!


angelmonkey - September 24

i found out i was having a girl on manday and she will be called heidi! for now anyway lol


CodyKatie5 - September 24

I find out on October 10th the s_x, and I too can't wait to call the baby by name. For me, it just helps me bond so much more with the baby.


Kimmer23 - September 24

We are having a boy and his name is Brayden Michael!


FlyBear - September 24

Courtney, my fiance's name is Oliver!! It's a good name. We found out Monday we're having a little boy and his name will be Evan Oliver. The girl name we had picked out was Zoey Elizabeth. Hopefully we'll eventually get a chance to use it. We've had our names picked out since we were dating! :)


ashley_1991 - September 24

i'm having a girl (im 26 weeks) and her name will be Bella Dawn Louise


austynsmommy - September 24

I'm 25 weeks pregnant with a boy and we are naming him Ethan David. David is my hubbies name.


SarahBethT - September 25

David is my hubby's name too


mcbee - September 25

We are having a boy, and his name is Keegan Michael. We were going to use Brinlee Carolann for a girl. Hopefully, I can use that with the next one!


angelmonkey - September 25

automnsmommy if i had a boy we were going to call him either alex or ethan lol i like th ename ethan


JessC531 - September 25

I'm just past 13 weeks, but we're pretty sure we're having a boy. Our two name chocies right now are Nathan Mark or Lucas Mark. I like Oliver too though! I'll have to mention that one to dh. :)


ColtonsMommy07 - September 25

i am 18 weeks pregnant with a girl and we are going to name her Alexis Marie


kmoselle - September 25

I am 19 weeks with a boy (we find out Tuesday for sure!). We have decided on Hunter Wilson, Wilson being dh recently deceased grandpa's name.


newbaby2009 - September 25

We find out the s_x on Oct. 2nd if baby cooperates. We have a trend where all our children will have daddys initials R.A.M. He is Ryan Andrew, our15 month old daughter is Rylie Adrienne. This baby will be Ryan Andrew Jr if a boy. Rylan Addison if a girl. Though we're trying to find a middle name we love as much as Addison that flows better with Rylan.



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