Anyone Picked Out Your Baby Names Yet

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newbaby2009 - September 25

We find out the s_x on Oct. 2nd if baby cooperates. We have a trend where all our children will have daddys initials R.A.M. He is Ryan Andrew, our15 month old daughter is Rylie Adrienne. This baby will be Ryan Andrew Jr if a boy. Rylan Addison if a girl. Though we're trying to find a middle name we love as much as Addison that flows better with Rylan.


babygirl_09 - September 26

I'm 21 weeks now. I found out that it is a girl. and so far my boyfriend and I really like the name Kaylee Christine, if it was going to be a boy we would have named him Parker Taylor. I love the boy name Parker! But my boyfriend is stuck on K names for a girl and I guess we had to come to an agreement for Kaylee


pgagain - September 26

We don't know the gender yet. So if it is a boy it well be Ashton Tate DeAngelo and if it is a girl Athena Laikelin Rose


fncdavis - October 2

I Love this thread!!! I am 13 weeks and having twins. DH and I have decided not to find out the s_x, so we've picked two names for each s_x. The girls names are set at Mackenzie Brooke and Sadie May (May is a 4 generation name on my side of the family), for the boys we are using our fathers names as middle names, Jacob Robert for sure and either Mathew or Max Frederick. Happy Heathy PG to all. Cindy


bbdreams - October 2

I think I have decided of Kyra Valerie Rose! Kyra pronounced 'key-rah'.


Keldalynn - October 6

I am 21 weeks; found out we are having a boy. I am toying around with the name Sebasitan Douglas. The hard part is I have a huge family ( 30+ cousins alone) so it is hard to find a great name that has not been used already. Middle name (Douglas) would be after my deceased god father who I miss so much. I still have some time so I am not sure this is it or not.


cyndilea1973 - October 6

I LOVE reading other's ideas on names! I am 25 1/2 weeks with a little boy that we are going to name Kellen Alexander. If this were a girl we were going to use Calleigh Elizabeth or Kalyssa (and call her Kally). I just wanted something a little unique but not totally out there. I have three step-children named: Braedon Timothy, Kylie Marie, and Tawney my hubby was defintiely all for a 'different' name!


KristineTM - October 6

I am 13 1/2 weeks and do not know the gender yet but I totally sympathize with having a huge family and all the good names being taken!!! lol I swear every time someone in my family has a baby they steal my names! Well they don't really because we have kept thema secret but it just seems to happy that way! lol I really hope I am having a girl because I can not decide on a boy name at all! I am getting a lot of good ideas from everyone on here though! I hope non of us are related! LOL!!!! :)


CourtneyHope - October 6

I think it's funny you guys are talking about big families. Mine is tiny, but my hubby's is huge. Just in his immediate family alone, there are two other people including myself due within 3 months of each other. In his extended family there are 3 more within two months of my due date!!! Talk about sucky! That sounds bad to say, but my hubby and I tried for a year and a half, and all the others are pretty much knocked up accidentally...makes get togethers kinda irritating!


steph23fah - October 6

i love hubby said no way......


Megan P - October 6

I am 14 weeks. My girl name now is Tuesday Douglas (douglas aftter my dad because this is it for us and he's always wanted a grandson-we have a daughter) My boy name is Silas, maybe Silas Marshall (hubby's name).


chiyochan - November 3

Im 24 weeks and found out a few weeks ago that my fiance and I are haveing a little boy so we actually had names picked out since before the pregnancy but around the 3rd or 4th month I fell in love with a different boy name so we have decided on Tyler :)


brandie922 - November 4

I had a boy name for a really long time..Joshua Lee BUT we found out we were having a girl. So I got a long list of names that I liked & my b/f went through with a couple of combinations and we finally settled on one...Isabella Paige.


natasha123 - November 6

im 18 weeks 5days we have pick both names boy and girl i cant wait to find out what the s_x of the baby is for a girl we chosse (rose elizabeth michelle) and for a boy (nathan gary john)


jenn_ns - November 7

I'm finding names are SO hard to pick. It's huge, ya know, you're chosing someone's name for the rest of their life!!!


kmoselle - November 7

My husband and I had picked out the name Hunter Wilson- months before we were pregnant, while we were planning- but at 6 months pregnant he decided he doesn't like the name anymore. I have several other names that I really like, but he has shot them all down. What do I do? He is really into the pregnancy but does want to discuss names. I do not like the one and only name he picked out, Shooter. What a name! Any suggestions?



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