Anyone Picked Out Your Baby Names Yet

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kmoselle - November 7

My husband and I had picked out the name Hunter Wilson- months before we were pregnant, while we were planning- but at 6 months pregnant he decided he doesn't like the name anymore. I have several other names that I really like, but he has shot them all down. What do I do? He is really into the pregnancy but does want to discuss names. I do not like the one and only name he picked out, Shooter. What a name! Any suggestions?


StephandRobert - November 15

I have been thinking about it since i was 5 weeks lol....If it is a girl it will be Delilah 'Ruby' (after my hubbys grandma) or a boy will be Vincent Lee. DH picked the boy name and just happend to love the actors he named it after. I can't wait I find out what it is december 18th!!!!


Missie76 - November 15

I'm 15 weeks and keeping the s_x a secret until the big day. My husband and I don't wanna know. But we've picked out two names. Girl" Savannah Patrica and Collin Everett(both middle names are family names)


Jenn0466 - November 23

I just found out I'm having a baby girl for my first child!!! I'm 20 weeks right now and I want to name her Jaelyn, Hailee, Taylor, or Addison. And the middle name is going to be either Elizabeth or Marie, depending on which one I choose. I just need to have my boyfriend give his input on which one he likes the best. He wanted a little boy so bad, but I'm sure she is going to be Daddy's little girl. :) I know I'm definitely a daddy's girl, still even at the age of 22. I'm perfect in my father's eyes :) hehehe.


lillybug - November 24

I'm not pregnant but I hope that when I am I have a girl because I only have a girl name : Haddsah Grace


billsgirl - November 25

my DF picked out the boy name .. Anthony Joseph and he will be called AJ. its his and his bros middle name. hes not budging on it! for a girl i like Johanna Fayanne. my moms name is faye and my df's mom is suzanne, so i put the two together! nothing is definate yet!


Seredetia - November 25

I haven't found out what I'm having, but if we have a boy, my husband and I are going to name him Sebastian Malachai. If we have a girl...well...who knows! LOL


squirrely4 - December 4

Well I will be 12 weeks on Monday, but we already have our names picked out. Hannah Evelyn if its a girl and then Gabriel Damien if its a boy.


Brenna - December 5

I am 27 weeks pregnant with no.2 and we aren't finding out the s_x this time either.My daughter's name is Madilyn Jean,Jean is my mom's name.I believe in using family names when naming your baby.If this baby is a boy it will be Jackson Keith,Jackson is my maiden name and Keith is my husband's middle name.If it is a girl,we are still trying to decide between Audrey or Aubrey,either way the middle name is Marie,another family name.


Jenn0466 - December 6

I am 21 weeks preggo with my first child and recently found out I'm having a GIRL!!! We finally decided on a name and it's going to be Taylor Marie Johnson. :)


jac1019 - December 8

I am 17 weeks. If we have a boy, w eplan on Jonas, not sure about the middle name yet. The girls names are more difficult for us because we cannot not decide. My husband likes names that I don't care for and the same vice a versa. I like Helena (after my deceased grandmother), Adelyn, and Emily. He likes Natalia and Ashley. Neither are going to happen.


blanketsandbottles - December 8

I am almost 20 weeks and we know that its a GIRL!!! I never thought that would happen but DH and I are so excited! I have a 15 month old son whose name is Julius(after my DH) "Gauge" and our little princess will be "Georgia" Leola. Georgia was my great grandmothers name and Leola was DHs mom's name. She pa__sed when he was a little boy so this is how he wants to honor her. I think its wonderful!


BabydollDee02 - January 13

Hi. I am only 13 1/2 weeks, but my fiance and I do have our names chosen. If it's a girl, it wil be Emma Lynne, and if it's a boy it will be James John after my fiance's Grandfather. We will be finding out the s_x in about 5 weeks, and we are so excited! :)


Tiffany814 - January 15

It's funny, our names are a combination of 2 back-to-back posts above. I'm 17 1/2 weeks and we can find on on Feb. 2nd what we're having but not sure if we're going to yet. If it's a girl she will be Isabella Lynn and if it's a boy he will be Tyler Francis or Tyler Dominick (the middle names are still up in the air)


rcmiller - January 15

I've been thinking of names since I was -18mos pg! haha...I have a name I like for a boy but don't want to say it. I have a name for a girl but don't want to say it. But we do want to use DH's mothers name somehow "Reta" and would also like to incorporate my mothers name "Rebecca" as well...I'm all tossed up when it comes to names. aaahhhh!


JT1118 - January 18

i live in Hawaii so me and my bf thought that it would be nice to have a hawaiian name. so for our boy name it is Everett Nohea which means handsome and Everett is my bf's first name and his dads name is Everett so we wanted to keep it in the family. and our girl name is Caylee-Marie Kawena which means Pretty



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