Anyone Picked Out Your Baby Names Yet

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missarose22 - May 11

If we have a boy his name with be Trent Dieter. Dieter pronounces (Dee-ter) after his dad. If we have a girl her name will be Paige Jessica.


NB - May 12

I am 13 weeks 2 days pg with our 3rd child. We are not going to find out the s_x of this one though! If it's a girl, it's going to be Jordyn Olivia and if it's a boy, it's going to be Logan ___________ (can't decide on a middle name yet!! we are thinking Brady....)


Ashley2121 - May 13

I am 11w3d and am having twins. We do not know the s_xes yet (cant wait to find out) but we already have the names picked out if its a boy/girl. Connor James and Caylee Elizabeth (the middle names are mine and DHs). We arent too sure of the names though if its 2 boys or 2 girls so we will have to wait and see. Hopefully we find out within the next 4 weeks or so - I got some serious shopping to do :)


KatieKat - December 3

Well I currently have two girls. One from my first marriage and one from my current dh. We are expecting number 3 in May. We don't know what we're having right now but we will at the end of the month. My DH is chinese. His family tradition is to have a chinese middle name. My oldest daughter is Rianna Faith ( from my first marriage) and my second daughter's name is Layla Meiying(Meiying means beautiful flower in chinese). With both pregnancies I could never think of boy names. This time I can't come up with a girl name. Lol. Go figure. For a boy my hubby wants Xander. I want Aiden. We both agree on the middle name Weisheng(pronouced way-shong). It means a greatness is born. :)


shelly08 - December 3

I am 14 and a half weeks pregnant with a GIRL we had her name picked out from like 6 weeks, I knew we were having a girl. Presley Rose, Rose is my mother's maiden name so it just made since. I like Presley, it's unique.


KatieKat - December 13

Okay finally found a girl name I love. If it's a girl her name will be Sabrina. Now the real trick is to find a chinese girl name for the middle that will flow with that. I also like the name Quinn for a boy but my hubby vetoed that one. Lol. Funny just when you think you have it set...


Tara B - December 13

His dad is Michael and my dad is Richard, so our sons name will be Michael Richard O'Keeffe. After our fathers :)


FlyBear - December 16

haha, this thread was started while I was pregnant over a year ago and I'm still getting messages that people are commenting to it. If I have another kid anytime soon I can post their name in the same thread. lol Good Luck everyone, I know this is a very exciting time.


TriaB - December 16

Too funny Flybear we find out the s_x on Monday and I am sooooo excited... if its a girl her name will be Jersee Kay and if a boy Jace Robert or Jace Spencer Robert not sure about having two middle names yet...


FlyBear - December 16

My niece has two middle names. I don't think there's anything wrong with it, the thing is is that most federal or school or whatever type of forms ask for first, last and middle initial so you end up pretty much just picking one and forgetting about the other one. My niece's name is Emma Makenzie Grace, but she goes by Gracie and when they call her her "full name" they call her Emma Grace.


lilmomma061010 - February 15

i'll be 24 weeks thursday, and ive had my names picked out since i found out i was preg on halloween. if it's a boy, john lee(john is his daddys middle name and lee is my grandpa's middle name) and if it's a girl, it's going to be aurora mae(im indian and aurora means beautiful light and mae was my great grandmothers middle name)i love unusual names and names with a meaning/purpose behind tem.


kalinnmariee - June 13

i've had my kids names picked out before me and my hubby found out we were gonna be parents!! boy-Trystin Michael (hubby's middle name is Michael and my twin brother is Michael :]) girl- Kaydence Leighann. kind old fashioned but i adore it!


FlyBear - July 29

haha, well I posted my son's name two years ago in this thread while I was pregnant with him. Now I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant with #2. We won't know for a couple more weeks if it's a boy or girl but our boy name is Liam Jett and girl name is Zoey Lynn.


cupc4k3x - August 15

Hubby and I have had names picked out for foreverr.. If it's a boy it'll be Fred Kling the 5th, if it's a girl I adore Jacquelyn Rose.. named after my maternal and paternal grandma's. I also reallyyy like Kaitlin Mae, but I know a looot of Katie's.. kidna want something a little more old school..


FlyBear - August 15

Looks like we're having a girl so she'll be Zoey Lynn.


tails52 - October 29

This is our First and i'm 13 weeks and we already have names we like. Echo for a girl and Mylo for a boy! Cant wait to find out the s_x!



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