Anyone Pregnant And Suffer From Anxiety And Panic

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alwaysamber - May 9

I am 15 weeks now and have had anxiety and depression ever since I can remember. My worst fear being throwing up. I go into a panic attack if I feel sick. It is so difficult to suffer from this and be pregnant at the same time being that you cant take most medication to help it. Anyone in the same boat? I also suffer horribly with sleeping. Used to take trazadone to sleep but can't take that while pregnant. Going to sleep is a nightmare.:(


Trish# - May 9

I can somewhat relate. I have anxiety and get panic attacks sometimes, but not on a daily basis. I know the settings in which I will get them and thankfully haven't been subjected to such situations since getting pg. I used to take xanax when I felt panicky or to sleep if I was anxious. But again, not daily, so it hasn't been hard to adjust w/o the meds while pregnant. I don't know much about the depression but have heard it said that sometimes it is better for very depressed women to take (certain) meds while pg than to go without. I would talk to your dr. about the severity of your problem. I have found that meditation and prayer calm me tremendously. Maybe you could try that. Best of luck!!


SuzieQ - May 9

I get them sporatically too. I haven't had to take any medication, but I do yoga and I exercise quite a bit. Also, I totally revamped my eating habits to help and am no longer underweight. I've heard that cognitive therapy is really good and it's an adjustment that you can make in your life easily. Also, when you feel sick, try to rea__sure yourself that what you are feeling is totally normal. And journalling sometimes helps too - best wishes


sunshinekitty240 - May 10

i used to get them every day.... for some reason it has not been that bad since ive been pg but i know the hell you are in and i'm sory. ask your docabout meds... some people find that ssri's work for this and it is safest to take them in the second trimester. good luck.


Robyn - May 10

I have had bouts of anxiety before i was pg and the only way i got rid of it was exercise. I know it sounds weird but even SuzieQ said the same thing in her post. It really works. Just try to start some kind of exercise regimine, even if you go for a walk 20 min everyday - it will help. Just try it - it can't hurt - goo luck!


ariete0416 - May 10

My eyes must have gotten huge when I read your post. I too have horrible anxiety, it started when I was around 22 years old and I am 27 now. My worst fear was also throwing up and never thought I could become pregnant because of it. However, God had a different plan for me and my hubby and now I am almost 28 weeks pregnant. I made it this far without throwing up but I live in fear of it everyday. I am not a fan of medication but I did go see a theripist for it, it helped. Taking a vitamin B complex supplement and fatty acid supplement always helped too. If I did feel like throwing up I took a ginger pill and it always helped me. I know the hell and fear you are living in, but it is amazing how you will get through it. Ohh and like the other said exersise does help. If you would ever like to chat my email is [email protected] Best wishes to you!


ThePezChick - May 10

I can't speak to the anxiety as the anxiety I've felt while pregnant mostly had to do with concerns about my baby. (I worry about whether he's still alive since I can't feel him much... that I know of.) I did, however, have TERRIBLE morning sickness early on. My doctor prescribed me 2 different meds. One was Relifin (I think that's the name), the other was Phenergan. The Phenergan stopped the vomitting and helped me sleep when I felt like I was going to die from the morning sickness. Just my 2 cents...


sa__sifras - May 10

ZOLOFT RULES!!!!!! I am not sure if it was the transition from the 1st to 2nd tri or the zoloft or both, but it was like night and day. I am only taking 50 mgs but I can not even explain to you how much better i feel and everyone around me has noticed. It is comlpetely safe to take and my anxiety is GONE. See what your dr says. Good luck.


alwaysamber - May 10

sa__sifras - I am on Effexor for anxiety and depression. I have anxiety so badly though that it doesn't help that all that much. It definetly keeps me sane but I was taking other medication along with the Effexor that helped a great deal that I can't take during pregnancy like xanax, klonapin. I am quite used to feeling like this because I have had it since very young just need some extra help during pregnancy dealing with it. Nice to hear from others going through the same thing.


colleen-chris - May 11

I suffer from Aniexty and Panic Disorder. i have been taking only 10 mil grams of paxil. My doctor said not to worry it is considered a cla__s B when 10 mil or less.I also went for extra sonograms and what not because of it. Everything is fine. thank god for paxil i swear. i still have panic but not as bad


sa__sifras - May 11

Colleen-I took paxil from the time I was 19 until 22 and it was amazing. I took myself off of it because I figured my anxiety was gone---plus I was up to 60 mg which is ridiculous. I have no panic at all, and my heart stopped going nuts too. My therapist said that panic and mitral valve prolapse go hand in hand, thats the major heart racing and irregular beats. I had that so bad in the frist tri that I couldnt sleep. When others around you start to comment about how you feel and act thats when you know there is a difference. And keeping busy:)


emmar - May 12

my god do I know what you're talking about....I've suffered from severe anxiety, phobias, OCD, you name it I worry about it. I thought I had got rid off it, in fact I was certain and said i would 'never go there again' but all of a sudden three weeks ago it appeared (at a time of great upheavel and emotional stress) and I began to suffer with obsessive thoughts and fears again. It got so bad I was going to check myself into a mental hospital because I honestly felt huge panic. What made it worse was the thought that at 20 weeks pregnant I couldn't be helped because no-one would presribe me medication. I was very wrong. I went to the doctors asap because I knew the signs so well and they at once saw that I hadn't been eating, sleeping and the anxiety was written all over my face. I was immediately put on antidepressants and prescribed low dose of valium. I really don't want or need any negative comments about being on meds. People who haven't suffered like this have no idea how it feels, I COULDN'T cope without being helped and of course there are concerns about the baby but I feel him/her moving everyday still and i just pray everything will be okay. I cannot believe that this has spurred it's ugly head again after five or so years of being completely well, med free. Life has a funny way of throwing things at you. I saw a pscharatrist (sp) yesterday and he has me in for urgent cognitive behaviour therapy and so hopefully i'll get control of this before the baby comes. If you're suffering, don't do it in silence-see your doctor and if the 'benefit outweighs the risk' take their advice xx


new mommy - May 12

I know this is going to sound weird but I am terrified that someday I will lose my mind. I would rather have any other kind of illness than that. I was once overmedicated by doctors and I truly felt like I was losing my mind. It was the worst feeling in the world. My dotor told me I had a chemical imbalance. Well there was a lady at our church who had a chemical imbalance and when she got pregnant she kind of went off the deep end. I am so terrified that I will become like her. I think I am so afraid of it that I amost spurr on the panic attacks.


SuzieQ - May 12

Hi ladies - just wanted to put in another two cents - anxiety is completely normal and no one is going crazy! It totally feels like you're insane but you're not! I've read so much research and information about anxiety, and as you can see from all the posts, anxiety and panic are super common. Newmommy, your thoughts of going completely out of it are what most people experience (including myself). Medication is a good option, and so is cognitive therapy. Also, read about it - knowledge is power and it's scary to read about it sometimes, but the more you understand the easier it gets. Anyways, I'm done my rant for the morning - take care :)


alwaysamber - May 12

EMMAR- I know exactly how you feel. Those of you that have anxiety and depression bad enough where it effects your every day living it is much better to be on meds while pregnant then not. I am on medication while pregnant and it does out way the risks. There is only a few meds that have shown some risks(antidepressants). Most medication has not been studied enough to cla__sify them. I take Effexor but still struggle a lot with anxiety. When I first found out I was pregnant one doctor tried taking me off in ONE WEEK! It was the worst thing I have EVER experianced. I went into horrible withdrawl. I could not function what so ever. I was freaking out. Thank god before I went completely off I saw an actual OBGYN that couldn't believe the other doctor did that and had me continue taking it. The biggest concern is lowering or stopping the dose before you give birth-being that you prevent the chances of withdrawl for the baby. But like my wonderful doctor said if you can't do it you simply can't do it. Some people can and some can't. Anxiety and depression is VERY common these days and MANY women give birth to perfectly healthy babies while on medication. Considering how bad mine is I know for a fact the awful effect it would have on my baby if I was not on anything so I feel blessed to have found a great doctor that knows what he is talking about. Effexor is a cla__s C meaning it has not had enough studies to say you SHOULD not take it. I feel very at ease and know my baby will be fine. Every day is still a struggle and I really have to rely on my inner strength to get through without the other medication I used to take. Some people try to avoid medication but some people have to accept the fact that there is in fact a chemical imbalance that needs medication. And that is OK!



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