Anyone S Baby Have A Name Yet

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val_jo - October 3

Since we are all finding out the s_x of our babies soon, I was just wondering if anyone has narrowed down the list of possible names. Ever since we've found out he's a boy, that's all they ask me!!!! Anyone reccommend any good name books???


sarah21 - October 3

I like the social security website because it tells you how many babies are named what you are looking at and it goes back really far. Check it out:


corbin289 - October 3

We have been talking about names since day one but dont have one for sure yet. It will be easier once we know the s_x. I have a few books with names but I have found looking at baby name websites are so much better.


Astra - October 4

Hi Val. Congrats on finding out! lucky you! we have the same due date and I still have to wait one more week. I like a lot of the traditional biblical names for boys like Daniel, Jonathan and Gabriel. For girls I like Iris and Liv (olivia). I've looked on line a lot and since I'm Jewish I've ordered a Hebrew name book on line which I'm waiting for. I've decided that if it's a girl I would have more say in the name and if i'ts a boy I'm going to let my husband pick (with both of us having veto if we really dislike the name!). I'm trying to think about what is really important to us, e.g. meaning of the name, family connection etc. Let us know what you are coming up with!


Stephanie_31 - October 4

We have had our names picked since we foud out we were pg. We won't be finding out the s_x so we had to get one for each. We decided on Keegan Cristopher for a boy and Sophia Alexis for a girl. I love the name Emily but my best friend used it for her daughter last year.


sarah21 - October 4

Wow Keegan is a really cool name. I like that a lot!


val_jo - October 4

We haven't agreed on anything yet, but my picks are Wyatt Matthew and Ryan Patrick. Today at least...we'll see what i think up tomorrow!


hopeful24 - October 4

We found out we are having a little boy and the name we have decided on is Kerrick Michael. My husband picked the first name and the middle name is my father's. I also used a website that had over 11,000 name suggestions.


val_jo - October 4

What site is that?


hopeful24 - October 4

Val_jo, it is babynamesworld dot com. It has quite of few interesting names.


sahm2alaj - October 4

We took about 2 weeks to chose a name after finding out it's a boy. Everyone kept asking and I felt bad not having a name. We finally agreed on Austin :)


Rainbowbrite - October 5

I just wanted to add that for a girl i think we've picked the name Brooklyn and for a boy... we are still really unsure.. I keep trying to throw out Logan but then he don't like the middle name i chose... so i am not really sure we have any ideas for a boys name yet...


val_jo - October 5

What's your husband's name?? Around here, many people give the first born son the dads name as a middle name, as opposed to that whole junior c___p. Liike we like the name Wyatt, and my husband is Matt, so if we stuck with that, he would be Wyatt Matthew.


val_jo - October 5

Brooklyn is a great name. My friend Starla just had a little girl and her name is Brooklyn cute is that?


Rainbowbrite - October 5

that is why he doesn't like the middle name. because he doesn't like his name! LOL.. even as a middle name he don't want to give it to the baby if it is a boy! LOL but i want the boy to have some part of his name.. ya know what i mean? it just means something to me if the baby does.. i can't explain it... i just want it that way.


val_jo - October 5

Oh, geez!!! Maybe you guys can make up a name with his somehow incorporated into it. Like my friend Amanda wanted to name her baby after her grandma, her name was Maryann. She didn't like Maryann, though. So her little girl's name is Maryn. Similar, but totally original.



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