Anyone S Belly Going Through Growth Spurts

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first baby - October 27

I'm kind of nervous, because this is my first pregnancy and I don't know what is normal and what is not. I'm almost 15 weeks. About weeks 10-13 my belly really started popping out. But I've noticed that it hasn't seemed to grow any bigger the last few weeks. Is this normal? Does the baby go through growth spurts or continue to grow consistently? I'm trying not to worry about it, but would like to know if anyone else is experiencing (or has experienced) this> Thanks!


mls - October 27

just like when they're born, you'll find that your pregnancy growth will be in spurts. you'll be the same the same the same size and then BAM, you wake up one morning and your humangous. this is just normal worry that you'll have until you start feeling that little one moving around. this is my second and although i KNOW i probably won't feel it moving until around 20 weeks, i'm already stressing at 18 weeks, becuase i'm not feeling it. anyway, good luck and take care.


Shawna E. - October 27

I understand where you're coming from, because I was there not long ago. It seemed like nothing would happen (and I wondered if it was ever going to grow again), then growth, then nothing and the subsequent worry, then growth again. So it did come in spurts. And I also found that for a day or so before I would wake up and notice a major change in size, I would feel achy and strange in my abdomen. I guess those were some form of stretching or growing pain. Days like that are very few and far between, though, and the rest of the time everything was either very VERY gradual or even seemingly in stasis. I check my growth every morning when I wake up, lying flat on my back for a minute. What I felt just above my pubic bone at 12 weeks somehow is now about 2 inches below my navel at 18 weeks. I barely noticed it happening except on those "growth spurt" days. I do think that one of these days you will awaken and feel your abdomen and think, "Wow, when did THAT happen?"


karen - October 28

I know exactly what you mean. I am in the same boat as you. I'm 14 weeks and my waist bloated pretty early, like around 9 weeks. It has stayed the same and I felt like I was just fat. I was kind of worrying that it stopped growing. I think it's starting to get bigger now, but it's hard to tell if it's the pregancy or if I'm just getting fat. :)


Rachel - October 28

Don't be nervous, every woman and baby is different. I had to start rubber banding my pants at 7 weeks. By my 10th week people were asking if I was pregnant because my tummy was totally showing. I started wearing maternity clothes around my 12th week. I am now 19 weeks and people don't ask if I am pregnant or not...they know and ask when I am due. But I've only gained 5 pounds total so far, so it is all baby showing in my tummy.


first baby - October 28

Thanks for your responses! It made me feel much better! I'm trying hard not to worry about things that I have no control over. I feel like I a___lyze everything and worry about so much. I guess that's normal for a first timer like me, though! I'm kind of hoping the next growth spurt will be soon, as I would really like to start wearing my maternity pants. I've had to do the rubber band thing with my regular jeans! Thanks again!


Rachel - October 28

you will start to be able to wear your maternity pants soon. You know I bought a pair of basic black pants that grow with you on the sides. There are loops and a belt that runs through them to adjust as you start growing. And if you get to big...there are even hidden zippers on each side to let them out more. I wear them all the time because they are made from the moment you find out you are pregnant to full term to after baby. I found them at might give them a try.


Lindsay - November 7

This means your stomach muscles are tight and in shape, you'll have spurts. I had a 6 pack before preg. You couldnt tell I was preg at all til 16 weeks then BAM a little bump overnight, another at 18, and just had one more at 21, I look preg now.



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