Anyone S Due 21 Aug

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Aida - March 15

Is anyone expecting baby on 21 Aug? This is my first pregnancy and I'm so excited! When can I feel first baby's kick, is it to soon? I'm in a second week of 4th month.


AmyT - March 15

I am due Aug 16th...


anna - March 15

I am due on the 14th of August. I first felt teh baby move (b___terfly flutters on my left hand side) around 17th week. It is amazing. But you really need to consentrate because you can feel it but you might think it is gas in your belly (thats what I thought) but it wasnt. Its great. Good luck


Beth - March 15

I am due days days later, Aug. 31! This is my first also (with three step children at home!!)


donna - March 15

hiya my baby is due on the 23rd august and my first too congrats!!!xxx


Mrs o - March 15

Aug. 20th. I'm on my 3rd child so they say you feel them sooner than first time mothers. About a week ago and ever since then when I lay in bed real still I feel the baby ever once in a while. Not alot of movement.


Tina - March 16

I'm due Aug 19. I'm excited too. I havent' felt a kick yet, but have felt weird fluttery sensation in my belly now and then. I still don't know for sure if it was the baby moving or not. I think as time pa__ses, you end up feeling things more...


Kay - March 16

Aug 22nd !


Nick - March 17

I am due August 25! I haven't felt anything so far , except pulling, tugging and gas pain.


anita g. mohan - March 17

till now,I haven't experience the movement. I think its too early.


raquel - March 18

Iam due on Aug 24 iam so excited when Iam going to know the baby s_x


Josie - March 18

Hello...I am due August 24th!!...I am guessing it IS too soon, since I haven't felt a real kick and it is my first too!!...good luck and congratulations!!


toni - March 19

hey!i'am expecting on aug 16 and i dont feel the baby kick yet,just flutters.believe me it is normal


Gretchen - March 20

I am due August 8th ...


Beth S - March 20

i am also due august 21 and this is my first baby too? do you feel him/her move yet??


Amy - March 21

I'm due Aug. 23rd. I haven't felt baby move yet...atleast I don't think. I'm excited to know baby's s_x though.


New_mom - March 21

I am due around Aug 16th and I think I felt my baby move around 17 wks. I am hoping to find out the s_x on Apr 8



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