Anyone S Family Pressuring About Sex Of Baby

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3babies - April 5

Hi we have two boys already, this is our third baby. Our boys are the only grandchildren on my side, and on my husbands there are six grandsons and only one granddaughter. We aren't finding out what we are having this time (didnt previously) because we really dont mind what we have. My MIL is really worrying me though, she goes on about a girl to the point that I have been quite short with her about it. I dont want all of their pressures to ruin our experience if it is a boy. We will all be over the moon. My husband can see how sensitive I am getting about it (strangers say something nearly every day about how I am going for the girl!). I tell you I dont trust my hormones at all, there could be a violent outburst soon :-). We had another bub to enjoy another child, not for one s_x or the other! Anyway, that's my vent for the day ...


HannahBaby - April 6

I hear ya girl!! My mother and father would bet there house that i am having a boy (theres been a boy/girl/boy/girl pattern in my family for 50 years) and it makes me mad cause all they ever say is "its a boy" When i had my ultrasound (i was onl y 10 week) my mom goes, "hm, looks like a boy to me" and when we are out in public and someone askes me what im having she says a boy, and i have NO idea what it is. Its just making me mad because i feel like shes doing it just to make me mad, because even thought i REALLY doesnt matter to me if its a boy or a girl, i kinda would like to have another girl (i have a 15 month old girl) trust me i know your fury!!


Chrissythefairy - April 6

i with you and Hannah, everyone in my family and my fiance's family are calling the baby him and he, they swear im having a boy. Its like not in their mind i may be having a girl, its irking the c___p out of me! im so tired of them calling my baby a boy with they have no idea. I dont care what my baby is as long as he or she is healthy, but everyone seems to want me to have a boy. At first it just let it go but now i am correcting people and saying "OR SHE" and giving them a look like STOP! I find out in three weeks i cant wait.


livdea - April 6

I'm not in the same shoes, fortunately but what does your family honestly expect? That you CHOSE to have another boy? Honestly, if I was going throught that, I'd already be bitting someones head off! Sorry you have to deal!!


me - April 6

My family was routing for a boy. I told them I have no control over it, you will get what you get and you'll love it just the same. That seemed to shut them up. My mom tried to tell me that the u/s looked like my hubby and it was a boy. All from the skeleton for christs sake! My hubby bascially told her in a nice way that she was on crack and that they better not be disappointed if it is a girl. That kind of made her feel stupid I think, but the comments started to change shape as to, " we'll love it no matter what" and " as long as it is healthy". Granted I am HAVING a boy but they don't need to know that right now :) Good luck!


3babies - April 7

Thanks girls. Yes, I understand that some people definitely want a girl or a boy, but I have never felt that way. Not sure why. I just get annoyed when other people project their wishes on to me. My FIL actually said when we told them oh you're going for the girl you've always wanted. WHAT? since when. I just really dont mind. I figure you get what you get and that is your family. That's what it's all about. But truly, I said to my husband that they are all going to go totally overboard if it is a girl, and then that will leave me worrying about my boys being forgotten. I tell you the worry never ends!!!


Ca__sie06 - April 7

Yep. My parents have known for 2 weeks now that we are having a boy. They still havent accepted it. They wanted a girl more than anything. His parents and family are thrilled, but my mom and dad still call the baby an "it" and refuse to buy anything until after he is born because they say dr's can get the s_x wrong and it is really a girl and they just saw the umbilical chord and thought it was something else. I just ignore them and told them the other day not to expect to see their grandchild any because I was not taking him where he was unwanted!!


collint3 - April 7

My fiance has five nephews, four brothers and one sister! Everyone is saying i'll be the one with a girl, and my fiance wants a girl so bad. I can understand the hype about wanting me to have a girl but i'm leaning more towards a boy. Everyone thinks i want a girl though, just because they all want one. It's really begining to become a headache. But i don't think i'm going to be having any violent outburst... lol : D



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