Anyone S Ligaments Stretching Yet

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EM - April 5

Hey everyone. I've had a super easy pregnancy this time (not so much last time) but I'm 21 weeks now and my ligaments are starting to stretch, I'm getting out of breath, and having a hard time getting comfortable sleeping. Also, my 10 month old is 25 pounds and he is no help when you carry him so it makes my back ache. I get no sympathy from my dh. I know its just going to get worse and I'm not looking forward to the second half of this pregnancy.


falafal0 - April 5

Oh yeah - I'm 20 weeks, and for the past few weeks have been getting more and more uncomfortble with the aches and pains and things. This is my fourth child, and the last one literally was the straw that broke the camel's back...! She broke my coxic bone. In the last few months with her, I could barely stand up for more than bout 10 mintues, and already now at half way with this little boy, I'm starting to feel the effects. I had easy pregnancies and labours with my first two, but the last two pregnancies have really taken it out of me. I can't sleep at night, ca'nt get comfortable, get horrible braxton hicks already, have to pee all the's almost like I've never experienced it and I'm stunned by what I have to go through. Think my memory is bad - it's been almost 4 years since my last birth, so I'm a bit older! All of 29, but feeling like 59 right youngest is almost 25 kgs (not sure in pounds) and I just can't pick her up anymore. Anyway, I totally sympathise with you, and that's my whinge for the day! Good luck, and take it easy on yourself. It doesn't get any easier as baby gets bigger...


Karen_Fletcher - April 6

HI there EM, I am 17 and a half weeks and have started feeling like i have ligaments stretching, i have a ligament problem anyway, in that they stretch too much!! I really feel it went im on my bike... im doing a pilates in pregnancy thing and just hoping it helps!!!!! LOL, I have to say i dont have any probs sleeping yet..... i need about 10hrs a night and usually i gone as soon as my head hits the pillow!!!!!!


collint3 - April 7

Oh my god, that sounds just like me. I'm also 21 weeks pregnant and i get out of breath sooner and can't sleep as easy. My stomach has had these sharp pains and my b___st are streching so much they drive me crazy, I'm definently not used to all this weight up top.


chamomilia - April 9

I went to the dr. at 14 weeks and she said "You are going to start to have some pains that are just your ligaments stretching" I laughed because I had been having these for a couple of weeks already. If I didn't know better I would think I was going to have twins. I'm gonna be HUGE! My husbands family tend to have big babies.



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