Anyone S Tailbone Hurt

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Melanie - January 25

I'm 20 weeks, with my first and am having terrible pain in my tailbone throughout the day. I notice it the most after sitting, even though I'm trying not to stay at my desk (I work full time) for more than 30 minutes. Anyone else having this trouble??


lidia - January 25

I fell the same way i'm 15 weeks and I also work full time at a desk try using a pillow to set on or on your break go for a walk it helps a little I cant wait to it stops hurting by the time I get home after the day all I want to do is lay down


Jenn - January 25

22 weeks here. Yes, my tailbone hurts all day long. I work in a callcenter, and sit all day long, then commute another hour home. And dear hubby wonders why I never want to sit down at the house.


Irisha - January 25

yes, i just didnt pay attn to it, but the pain started at around week 14. probably due to the baby growing and pushing everything around :)


Laura - January 27

It's terrible. I have a 10 month old that demands to be rocked and I end up in the rocker for hours at a time. My tail bone area hurts like a severe "catch" in my back. I'm 19 weeks pregnant.


Melanie - January 28

Thanks so much for everyone's replies. I have found that sitting on a heating pad off and on, really helps. Pain doesn't completely go away though, and I'm wondering whats in store for the next four months!


tara - January 28

Hi melanie, I find prenatal yoga cla__ses really help. I go once a week, but I do some of the excersises almost everyday because i find they ease the pain during the day for me.


Tameka - January 29

My doctor told me that pain happens because the baby is heavy and it's weight is weighing on that part of your back. To help the pain you should always sit up straight instead of slouching, don't lye on your back, have somone rub your lower back, and Tylenol will also help.


Ca__si - February 3

I am 25 weeks pregnant and it has hurt me for the last 3 1/2 months. I sit at work, but am constantly up and down. Every time I get up from my chair the pain kills me!!! I tried a pillow, it helps some, but only if I put it towards the back of my knees. I think it is more the heigth of my chair that doesn't allow me to put enough pressure on my feet when I'm sitting. I dread the whole day at work!


Laur - February 7

Crazy, I'm only 7 weeks and I am already feeling tailbone pain. I have never had this before. I haven't gained any weight, actually think I lost a couple of pounds. Anyways, thanks for the info guys.


Tara - February 14

I'm 19 weeks and I started having pain in my tailbone a week ago. My Doc says it should go away. He put me on tylenol 3 for the pain. It seems to be helping, although we dont know excatly what is causing the pain it could be from the shifting of organs and muscles to make room for the baby.


Melissa - February 15

I was wondering what was wrong with my tail bone. I am four months and my tail bone has been hurting when i go to sit down or after i have been sitting for a long time. this is good to know.


vik - February 24

Hi there, i feel so relieved after reading your messages guys, I am 11 weeks and have been experiencing tailbone pain for the last 2 weeks, I work all day in front of a computer and when I get home all I wanna do is lay down :(


Lu - March 4

I have this problem too. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and work at an office all day. It usually takes me about 5 seconds to stand up it hurts so much. It's good to know that I'm not the only one (not that I want others to suffer). Anyone know why this happens?


Meredith - March 5

I am 30 weeks pregnant as well and just started experiencing the pain yesterday afternoon. I completely sympathize as it takes me 2 to 3 minutes to get up from a sitting position as well. Standing or even walking isn't so bad but sitting is awful! I have been sick and have been coughing and b__wing my nose constantly and every time I do so it sends me over the edge. So I guess the pain we are experiencing is somewhat normal then? I appreciate everyone's comments so much!


Rfenza - March 5

I had severe tailbone pain with my 2nd child. I just dealt with the pain. I am 18 weeks with my 3rd child and a friend told me to call the chiropractor. I go to the chiropractor once a week for my tailbone pain. It has really helped.


Tiara Onraet - March 7

I know how everyone feels. I am 6 months pregnant and i am heving terrible pain in my tailbone. I work at a desk all day full time also. It hurts to move to get comfortable or to get up! What am i going to do?



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