Anyone Sick Of Annoyning Comments

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Erynn21 - March 31

Hi I am 18 weeks with my first child and an am getting sick of everyone's comments on my pregnancy. I know everyone is ent_tled to an opinion, but it seems now eveybody has to share them with me. I am showing quite a bit and have for a while, so I've gotten "Oh you're huge, it must be twins." I also am a little annoyed with my mother in law who thinks the baby is a boy(which is fine) the problem is she was like ,"Here I got something for you,"and presented me with a very boy outfit. I didn't accept it because I thought it was rude of her, especially since we don't know what the baby is. I have never really been upset with her until now. Is anyone else feeling these emotions with friends and especially family. Thanks.


Steph - March 31

It's the pregnancy hormones making you more senst_tive (to an extent). I've been the same way. I'm 25 weeks and all is going well, my weight gain has been nothing so far and my little guy is nice and healthy. But, my a__s of a MIL told me at about 19 weeks that I was too big for as far along as I was and I needed to talk to my doctor about it. Mind you I had just been to the doctor the day before and all was fine. She also likes to say to me that "we have big babies in our family" and that my baby is going to be like nine pounds. Well, my daughter was 6lbs 11oz, so in "MY" family thus far, we have small babies...errrr. Things like this normally would not p__s me off or even irritate me, but for some reason stupid a__s comments when I'm pregnant really set me off. Especially when the MIL acts like the pregnant woman has no bearing on the size, looks, or genes of the baby. It must all come from her strapping young son. I try and take things with a grain of salt and I try and remind myself that I shouldn't get irritated, but sometimes it doesn't work. :o) Your almost halfway....keep that in mind!!


Been There - March 31

Erynn21, don't be upset with MIL. She's just going by what she thinks, which is probably just wishful thinking. She wants it to be a boy and started buying for a boy. I'm sure she'll be most happy to get an outfit for a girl too. I don't think she meant to offend you or be taken as rude. She was probably giving you the outfit because she honestly believes in her heart it's a boy and she's buying for her grandson, which (even if it didn't come out right) was very thoughtful of her. I've seen some people on here complain that MIL doesn't even want to be bothered. Try to calm down, step back and see the humor in it.


marie - March 31

I know how some of you feel. I'm 23 wks but I swear, my belly looks like I'm 28 or even 32 weeks. It seems that my belly really popped in a matter of a 1 1/2 weeks. Some people did ask if I'm having twins, or "are you sure there's only one baby in there" or "must be a big baby." I'm not sure why I suddenly popped. I've been eating the same kind of food and same quant_ty. In a matter of 4 weeks, I have gained 6 lbs. Oh well.. the joy of pregnancy.


jmnoonan - April 3

I have the same isues Erynn21. I was not small to begin with so now at 25 weeks I look alot further along than I am. It is not that I have put on a ton of weight I just had a belly to begin with. My MIL is constantly on me for this. She will make comments like oh so and so from work is 6 months pregnant and she is just starting to pop she has the cutest LITTLE belly. Or are you sure your not gaining to much weight, you have to lose all that after the baby is born you know. She also was very intent on having a grandaughter and bought a dress when I was 3 months along, as it turns out we are having a girl so it will not go to waste. I dont get how thesse woman who have been pregnant themselves forget how emotional you can be during pregnancy.


stephgts - April 3

when I was ONLY 8-9 weeks pregnant my family started saying that I was showing. But I was a little underweight before I got pregnant and so what they really saw was just me putting on weight a little more quickly then most people. It annoyed the HELL out of me, lol. I finally lost and and told them I was just getting fat and to leave me alone! lmao. NOw that I am actually getting a little pregnant belly, the comments don't bother me much anymore. But I totally understand. Plus all the weirdo's seem to come out of the wood work when you're pregnant too. I had this guy professing to be psychic tell me that I was going to have a boy, then when he was drunk he said it was a girl. He also told me that I was going to have bad morning sickness (never did though). AND he wanted to be the godfather of the baby...I do NOT even KNOW this guy. So yeah, I feel your pain, lol.


SLP - April 3

I definitely understand. I'm single and it's like all of the sudden everyone I meet wants to know all the intimate details of where the father is and why he isn't with me. I've started just ignoring people when they ask personal questions.


amanda103 - April 3

I'm starting to get bothered by people giving me a hard time because we want to find out the s_x of the baby. They say it's "cheating" or it should be a suprise, I say where's the rule book? I don't tell anybody else what they should do so why should they? My dh says I'm making it bigger than it is, but it really bothers me when people try to tell me how to handle MY pg!


Chrissythefairy - April 3

the most annoying thing to me is everyone seems to want me to have a boy, everyone in my family including my fiance's family keep calling my baby him and he. "hes gona be so cute","aww look at him", (in the U/S picture), i really think im having a girl and its getting on my nerves i mean what if the baby is a girl and they keep saying him like they will be disapointed or somthing. Its really urking me.


Erynn21 - April 3

Hi ladies I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one in the world that sometimes wants to scream "Just leave me alone!" I know my MIL was just trying to be nice, but it was the way she presented me with the present that just felt weird, like she knows that our baby is a boy. The other thing is that I already did actually have a few incidents with my sis in law and my MIL. My hubby and I have held off on having children until we felt ready, but he's from a family that believes get married and have babies immediately.(I don't want to offend anyone who makes this choice, it's just not mine.) Anyway when we first told our family mainly his they made a huge stink about how surprised they were because of my having something wrong with me.(it couln't be my husband). It couldn't be we just waited, had to be a problem. I'm sorry to vent, I just have done it to everyone close to me so they're probably sick of it. I know in my heart that everyone is excited for us, just sometimes my in laws lack some tact. Thanks for understanding:)


Kim L - April 4

Erynn21, here's what you do: Wrap up that cute little boy outfit in a box with a bow and hang on to it. Bring it with all of your other stuff when you go to the hospital to have that baby. Then when you deliver a girl, and MIL comes in for a visit, give it to her. :-)


Kara H. - April 4

I am not a huggy-touchy person at all. I like my personal space. I swear to god, the next person who touches my belly is going to get their hand slapped! I am so tired of getting my belly felt up by every person I know. Even clients of mine at work are touching me! So of course I can't slap them, but they don't even seem to notice how I recoil at their touch. I have never touched another womans belly when they are pregnant, except when they have actually grabbed my hand becuase they want me to feel the baby move. Even then it weirded me out.


Been There - April 4

Kara H., you are too nice. They have no right to touch you, therefore your reaction of slapping is well deserved. You don't have to take that. It's truly hara__sment. No one should think they have the right to touch you just because you're pregnant. There's no sign on your belly reading, "Get your free feel here." You have every right to let them know they need to keep your hands off. Don't suffer in silence. Sorry about the vent, but that just gets to me when other people show such disrespect. As you can tell, no one is allowed to even think about coming near my belly.


Erynn21 - April 4

Thanks ladies, Kim L. that's a great idea. To Kara H. I wouldn't be cool with people touching me and I am a huggy person to an extent at least with my friends. People do seem to act as if your belly protruding is a welcome mat. Some people may take offense, but it's your body and you shouldn't have to put up with something you don't like. Before I was pregnant I always asked my friends if it was okay to touch their bellies, why don't people have some couth.


SLP - April 5

At work today a man I work with came up to me and was asking if the baby could hear/remember voices and I explained the whole thing to him. Well, he proceeds to get down at stomach level, touch my stomach and start talking to the baby. It weirded me out and shocked me so much I couldn't do anything other than stand there -- I'm only 14 weeks, I'm not even reading to my baby yet, it totally freaked me out.


Mellissa - April 5

My MIL and I usually have a very good relationship. we rarely disagree. Well, my hubby's whole family wasn't very pleased at our choice for a name, because it's very unconventional. She went as far as to say that she hoped we changed our mind when we saw him!! She must have heard in my voice that it bothered me because she called me back and hour later, crying, saying how I don't deserve a MIL like that, and she was very sorry. Then another time she upset me because I mentioned that i wouldn't be shocked if I get pregnant right after my hubby gets home (he's in iraq, due home in november...our little boy is due in july) and she acted like it would be the end of the world, telling me how we don't NEED more than two kids. (We already have a 2 1/2 year old daughter). I personally think there isn't anything wrong with having three kids...she does, and so does her daughter, so why can't I? It kinda offended me because I felt like she thought I wouldn't be able to handle it or something. It could just be that I'm sensitive, but my hubby is too, because whenever I told him she made those comments he said he was gonna call and yell at her. i had to beg him not to!! So yeah, I am SICK of annoying comments and other people thinking their opinion is worth gold!


Erynn21 - April 5

Melissa- I had my grandmother ask what names we like and every one I told her she groaned about she didn't like any of them(which is fine my grandmother and I don't see eye to eye). This Is the really annoyning part, she then offered me money to use her middle name Jean in our baby's name(if it's a girl), I was to say the least appalled, she also said well whatever name you choose we'll have to love the baby, like the name will have some bearing on how much love a child will receive. AAAAuuuuugh....Anyway at least you MIL appoligized, my grandmother doesn't have the word sorry in her vocabulary, honestly I don't even know if she knows what it means. She also tried to guilt trip me with no one in the family wants to name their baby after me bla,bla,bla...The guilt tripping doesn't work with me actually it did the opposite. Anyway I'm glad I started this post as it seems I am not the only one who needs to vent at times. Take care all and enjoy this time even if people drive you nuts, I know I am:)



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