Anyone Still Losing Weight At 13 Weeks Or Later

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SE - May 19

I am 13 weeks and have gone from 165 to 160. I don't eat nearly as much as I used to because of the nausea which still hasn't gone away. At what point should I get concerned?


KrisD - May 19

Hi SE - I lost 5 pounds in my 4th month, I had managed to gain a little before that though. I was so upset when I found out, but the doctor said it happens. Are you taking prenatals? Obviously, we need to try to eat though. Sometimes eating through the nausea kind of helped...


Tigerphoenix - May 19

I've lost 15lb since I found out that I was 8 weeks in march (im now 17 weeks preg). So far the doc says everything is fine and not to worry. I havent been able to eat much cause of the m/s. Man I hope that ends soon =S


SE - May 19

Tigerphoenix, your doctor isn't concerned? I called my doctor's office yesterday and asked when it would start to be a problem that I am losing weight and the nurse told me I really need to start eating more. I forced myself to eat a lot at dinner last night then threw up. I guess that was a wash! It is discouraging to hear that you are 17 weeks and still sick. I am 13 weeks and still hoping for some kind of magic to happen overnight.


KrisD - May 19

As far as morning sickness goes, I definitely had it through 4 full months. Maybe you will "turn the corner" and start to feel better really soon. And don't force yourself to eat, but try to think of something you can much on that doesn't completely turn your stomach... For me, I could manage to down a bagel, raisin toast, or cereal. I couldn't eat meat for the longest time.


Kristi - May 19

I am 14 weeks and still have terrible nausea and vomiting. I hope it goes away soon. I have gained around 5 lbs though so my doctor says something must be staying down so to keep on eating and keeping down what I can. He was even able to prescribe me a nausea medication that is safe during prengnacy.


kami - May 19

my m/s went away around 13 weeks. i am 17 weeks now and although i am no longer sick, i actually weigh 3 pounds less then before i got prego! my dr says not to worry as long as the baby is growing well. so i'm not!


Tigerphoenix - May 20

SE My doc told me that she didn't stop getting sick till 16 weeks (she is due next week) and then it went away. She keeps telling me that if I am still getting sick it just means the baby is healthy and gonna be a pain in my b___t LOL. She told me to start eating some more if I can. If I can't at least take my vitamins (flinstones lol) and get plenty of fluids. If it continues till the 3rd trimester that is when they are gonna get worried. I hope i can make it through the weekend without taking my pills. If I can I think I might be in the clear and will start gaining weight again. Gotta cross my fingers.


Kate - July 4

I'm 23 weeks and still losing weight, in total I've lost about 25 lbs. I wasn't skinny to begin with (200lbs). My fundal height and baby are growing perfectly however, so my doctor isn't worried. I haven't changed the amount I eat really either.


Ashley - July 4

Ilost 4 1/2 pounds,Im18 weeks. Doc saysalot of people loose in the first trimester. And hunny---I STILL puke.Ihave hyperemesis Gravidum. Looks likei'llhave it ALLpregnancy... justkeep down what you can, and try to atleast takeyour vitamins. Ifyou cantkeep those down, try Flinstones (soundsdumb, butI can stomachthose) GOODLUCK! You'll befine


Selena - July 5

I am 14wk 2d and I have lost 12lbs since conception. I am sick all of the time and rarely keep down a meal so like some others I hope this pa__ses soon. My doctor was very upset that I had lost so much and prescribed nausea medication. Small portions frequently seem to work best and drinking lots of ginger ale!


karlie - July 6

Kate I know how you feel! Im 19 wks 3 dys, I started at 204, now I am at 189 this morning! I figure I can afford it, as long as everything is good with the baby. I have very sporratic nausea. Last night I was sick after dinner, but that was the first time in about a week. But I still have no appet_te, which is pretty normal with me, but when I dont eat, I get nausous! Dr. siad he wanted me to gain 35 pounds, I dont think I see that happening, but I guess you never know. Are you showing yet? Since Im a bit bigger, (in the gut area, pretty normal everywhere else) I'm not showing a whole lot yet. Clothes are a bit tighter though!


Dawnyawn - July 6

Its ok I lost a totall of 7lbs so far and im in my 19th week..i find out tomorrow if ive gained it all back or lost more weight, But my doc said as long as baby is healthy its ok



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