Anyone SUPER Lightheaded

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MooBaby - January 4

I am almost 17 weeks and sometimes I feel like I am not getting enough oxygen. I get light headed, especially in the a.m., and sometimes when I am concentrating (maybe breathing shallow?) I have to sit down and try to breathe and relax. It is kind of annoying and a bit scary. I feel like I can't get enough air. Anyone else???


Allie - January 4

I am almost 16 weeks, and the same thing has been happening to me for the last week or so. I think it's probably related to my circulation, b/c I've also noticed that my feet are falling asleep more often.


26 wks - January 4

I get lightheaded often.THe doctor says thats normal.when I eat I get breathless.


Joanne - January 4

Sometimes after I eat I feel like I can't breathe well. I just try to sit and relax until it goes away.


Allyson - January 5

same here moobaby. i have been getting that later in the day tho. like the otherday i was at walmart and got so lightheaded i had to go to the shoe dept and sit down for 10 mins. i also noticed that my arms and legs have been falling asleep alot lately im not sure why but these are the only things that have been bothering me while being pregnant so far no morning sickness nothing...


Ash - January 5

I am 19 weeks and If I move too quickly or even bend down or walk down the stairs I get light headed. This past monday it was super bad! I was getting things ready for the OHIO STATE football game and I had to stop and make the boyfriend do everything. I got lightheaded, dizzy and felt like i blacked out for a brief second.


gg - January 5

I would mention it to your Dr. on your next visit. I was getting faint etc and when I mentioned it to my Dr he said my blood pressure was low (somewhat typical in pregnancy) and he had me get a blood test to check my iron levels. Turned out they were low and he has my on an additional supplment. It has helped a bit. I don't think it is an immediate concern, but it's good to mention it at your next visit.


Nicole S. - January 6

Hi, I am currently 25 weeks prego and have been feeling the same way. I asked the doctor about this on Wednesday and found out it's because I have low blood pressure. The only thing you can do is eat frequently and rest as much as possible.


Tess - January 6

Im 21 wks. I usually feel lightheaded after Ive eaten something. So what I usually do is trying to stay relax and then breath slowly until I go back to my normal breathing.


MooBaby - January 6

Thanks all! Glad I am not alone.... GG, I am on iron supplements already because my iron count is pretty low to begin with. So that probably is compounding the issue for me.



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