Anyone Take Ambien

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meg - March 14

Ok, we are flying to Florida in just under a week, & saying that I hate to fly is putting it mildly!! I usually take Ativan, but my OB said not to take that, to take Ambien. I just looked up Ambien on & it's rated as a class "C" drug. I know that I'll only be taking 2 for the way there & one for the way back, so it's not like I'll be taking tons of pills, but I thought we weren't supposed to take anything lower than a class "B?" I would love to "suck it up," but I just can't! Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!


softbreeze200 - March 14

I am not sure - maybe voice that concern to your dr and see if there is any other alternative. Best of luck!!


disko love - March 14

i am pretty sure you aren't 'supposed' to take anything lower than a cla__s 'b' drug but i have a fear of flying myself so i would probably just go ahead and take the ambien. that is just my opinion. i mean really you aren't taking it every night or abusing it in anyway... so i would thing it would be okay just this one occasion, you know what i mean? if it's any consolation when i was pregnant with my last son we had to fly to maui to visit my parents and being a terrified little wuss i am when it comes to flying i ended up taking one xanax on the way there and one on the way back. it didn't harm my baby at all... he is a super healthy 3 year old boy now! best of luck to you.


fefer1 - March 14

when I was pregnant with my dd - who is 18 months old now - my dr had me take ambien in the last week to help me sleep as I could not at all. Mention it to your doctor if you're concerned though...but I'm sure they know the risks.


LeslieM - March 15

what about unisom? i have heard from a couple different pregnant ladies that i know who have taken it...and benadryl is on my list of approved things to take from my dr. i have taken it a few times for congsetion and itching that keeps me up at night...knocks me right out and i do not feel like c___pola in the morning.


meg - March 16

Thanks for the info ladies! Leslie, now that you mention it, I believe I also have a few pg. friends who have taken unisom...I'll have to give my dr. a call about that!



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