Anyone Taking Iron Supplements

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Emy - November 5

My doctor told me I was anemic and wanted me to start taking an additional 60mg of iron a day (in addition to my prenatal). I certainly don't want to be anemic, as that causes its own problems, but does anyone know how much iron is too much? I know I should trust my OB but I second guess everything. Thanks.


Alycia - November 5

That seems like an awful lot to me, but I'm certainly no doctor. I have abnormally high serum iron levels, so I've looked into the matter of iron supplements quite a bit. I'm not supposed to take them when I'm not pregnant, and I've decided not to take them during pregnancy either (not even in a prenatal). I'm going to have my iron levels monitored frequently to see if/when I need to start taking some. In your case, I would personally add more iron (perhaps as little as 20 mg) and ask to get tested again at your next appt. Keep increasing until you're where you need to be. That way, you won't overdo it, which is definitely a possibility when you increase your intake so much right off the bat. Good luck.


Kiran - November 5

I am a pharmacist and 60mg a day of iron is not very much, if you're anemic. You will lose blood during the delivery, so it's vital that you build up your iron stores now. Iron is very difficult to absorb- take it with Vitamin C (orange juice) for best results. Unfortunately it can be constipating, so get lots of water and fiber in addition.


Emy - November 5

Thanks for your responses. Kiran, I was thinking of asking a pharmacist and am happy that you saved me the trip. Thanks for rea__suring me.


Maggie - November 6

The prenatal I take has 90mg of iron because I had bouts of anemia as a teenager, and my doc wants me to take it as a precaution. While at first the extra iron made me sick to my stomach, my body got used to it. Baby and I are healthy. I would suggest that you take the supplement at night before you go to sleep, so you can sleep through the side effects. Trust your doc, anemia can be dangerous, especially during the third trimester. Better to get it under control now. Good Luck to you.



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