Anyone That Has Had A Yeast Infection Please Help

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Katherine79 - July 5

I am almost 14 weeks and I have a yeast infection, I have had several in my life before I was pregnant so I know that is what it is. I called my doctor and asked the receptionist if I should come in and she said just use Monistat I know she isn't a nurse and she is probably right I just don't like taking anything while I am pregnant and wondered if anyone eles has been through this and if I should just take the medicine. Thank you.


frankschick2001 - July 5

I had one a few weeks ago. I also used an over the counter medication. I forget the name of the brand, but it was a three-day treatment. I was told by the nurse to be careful when inserting the applicator. Only to put it in about half way, not the whole way. My infection was gone in two days. What a relief!


frankschick2001 - July 5

Also, a yeast infection is really not the kind of thing where you can debate whether or not to take the medication. It will just keep getting worse, and the worse it gets the longer and more intense treatment and medication you'll need to get rid of it.


kelley32 - July 5

Hi Katherine ... I have had 3 yeast infections in my life, and all three times I didn't take medication ... I started eating a whole lot of yogurt, and within a few days, the infection was gone. My aunt is into all natural healing and she swears by it, and really got me convinced too.


Atarahsmommy - July 5

I have had a few in my life, including some while prregnant and have never taken any medication and they have always gone away within a few days, another alternative to yogurt (or you could do both) would be taking acidopholus, it has a the live cultures in it the same as yogurt that are out of balance so the yeast could go grow. Its always a good idea to take it if you have to be on an antibiotic too, because they kill off the acidopholus in your stomache and down there too and you would be more sucseptable to yeat infection


sa__sifras - July 5

I was told to get monistat 7...which is a major pain in the b___t. In my first pregnancy I was given a prescription. Just go to the store, it will be fine!!


SuzieQ - July 5

I had one at 21 wks and my doc told me to wait until my 23rd week to use the monistat 7 day formula. I also only inserted about halfway too. Doc was saying how the longer 7day treatment is a lower dose of medication.


venus_in_scorpio - July 6

when I was about 16 weeks I had a yeast infection and my doctor said I could use monistat 3... thats what i used and havent had any problems. If you are into the natural stuff, try yogurt, or ask your doctor if you can use an L. acidophillus supplement, that can be bought over the counter. that is the bacteria in yogurt. just make sure to ask first! good luck. The receptionists at the doctor's offices get the same kind of questions from pregnant ladies all of the time so I am sure they have asked and been told what to say for routine questions, such as whether you can use monistat for a yeast infection. Good luck!



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