Anyone Thinking Bout Changing Hairstyle

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Renae - April 5

I know this sounds silly, but I've been growing my hair out for like 4 years (grows really slow) anyway, now it's down to my bra buckle, well now I have the urge to cut it all off and possibly darken it...(I'm a dishwater blond) anyone made a drastic hair change or thinking about it?


islandfever3 - April 5

I havent made any drastic changes lately, and am only hoping my vitamins will let my hair grow longer. Ive always wanted long hair, but always seem to chop it off once it gets long. I too want to change the color, go darker, but everytime I go darker, I want to go lighter and vise versa. I probably wont make any changes till after baby comes in August, but who knows. Im always up for change. Some people say not to color your hair cause it wont stick, but I dont believe it. I think its personal preference. Im even thinking about guaging my ears. I know that sounds painful, but hey, I do what I want. Hahaha. Good Luck in whatever you decide to do!


gabby509 - April 5

I was growing my hair also for maybe a year and a half and I woke up about 2 months ago and decided it was enough. It was down to my b___t. I cut it all off up to my shoulder and I can't tell you how much I am glad that I did it. I love it and it's so much less maintenance. I also donated it, so it at least made me feel like I was doing something good. I say go for it! It's hair, it always grows back.


alirenee86 - April 6

Renae- I haven't made a drastic change all at once, but went from a not natural but nicely suited blonde, to my natural, dark shiny hair and most recently have cut it above my shoulders. I had been growing it out too and it was long all last summer and very nice (because I was pregnant!). Now I'm pregnant again and with the baby, the shorter is easier and it's cute and a bit more stylish even. Make a change for yourself, it doesn't have to be drastic, but it will feel good!


mom_of_1 - April 9

I went from my natural (while closely dyed natural) color to BLOND...really really blond :) kept my dark on bottom and did tons of the blond highlights on top and I love it! I can't cut it...been trying to grow it forever. It is about 2 inches below my bra buckle :)


llukenjess - April 9

i did! my hair was almost down to my b___t and i chopped it off to the shoulders!! and i'm a natural redhead,, but i made it like an eggplant colour. :-)


happytobemommy - April 11

I went from a blond to a brunette and cut 10 inches off and also got it straitened,. I love it but now I have to straiten my hair and it is kind of c___ppy because I still have a lot of hair so it takes forever. When I actually do my hair It looks great and it made me feel good too.


tish212 - April 17

like you i was growing mine out for years and it began to cause me headaches, i also got bored with it, so i decided to wait till my dd was born and then got it all chopped off, it was down to the small of my back and now it is up to my chin and shorter... i find it easier to do, it uses less shampoo and conditioner to wash and it no longer takes me hours to dry and straighten it, maybe 10 to 15 mins and its done. i wish i would have done it while i was preg since it helped cut my hair time down so much. I also no longer get headaches. I say go for it, as your preg goes on you may begin to feel dull or not as pretty or self confident and a new hairstyle does wonders to help boost your confidence. I know dh loved my long hair, but lemme tell you he also loved the new cut, he said he had seen me with long hair for so long it was like seeing a whole new and he loved it.. he immediately took pictures to update his pics at work and wanted to show off his wifes "hot" new do to all his friends, all of this really helped boost my confidence especially since i was feeling down due to the little left over belly from my pregnancy, and seeing his reaction and the reaction of other around me made me feel much better! also if you can donate your hair to locks for love thats what i did , so not only was i doing something for me i was helping someone else out as well. GO FOR IT!



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