Anyone Told They Have Hypertention

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Beth - June 9

Hello, I am currently 23 weeks and at my last doctors appointment my blood pressure was 148/91. The doctor told me I had a little swelling and was conserned about hypertention. Has anyone else had this? What are the dangers of it while pregnant? I know that there is a concern for preeclampsia. Anyone else that has experienced this please tell me about it. Thank You!


Lynn - June 10

I am 15 weeks and was told at my 14 week checkup that I had it. My blood pressure was 160/100 though - a little higher than yours. My doctor put me on some medication since it was so early and that high. You are actually "borderline" hypertension.. 140/90 is the cutoff. What I have found is that 140/90 - 180/110 is considered mild to moderate hypertension. Anything over 180/110 is considered severe. Treatment really depends on your doctor. I have a friend who had 180/110 her whole pregnancy and was never put on treatment or medication. I will say that your chances of developing pre-eclampsia rise with PIH and also the chances of having to go on bedrest at some point in your pregnancy also go up. You need to keep an eye out for excessive swelling and/or weight gain. I bought a home bp monitor because I am a worry wart and I knew worrying would only make my bp higher. But for the most part, i am pretty much "planning" on having to go on bed rest so I am getting things done now while I can.


Rhonda - June 10

I am also 15 weeks and have been on meds for highs and bad swelling since week 12. I have had highs of 167/103 and surprisinglt lows of 90/63, I have super duper bad swelling at times, so much I can't walk and cry hystericaly at night or afternoons. I can not go on bed rest I live pay check to pay check, and we bearly bring in enough to pay our rent put gas in the car and food in our mouths. I am super scared, and what is preeclampsia. Please explain, My dr. seems to brush off my complaints and this is Dr. # 2. this is my first baby and I normally ignore all problems and pains or irratations. Because I wont have the $20 co payment. But now it's not about me and ignoring problems, So when I go and tell him everything that's wrong, I feel he thinks I am a hypercondreact or something. I never take care of anything normally. If he knew that I think me telling him there have been days when I can't sit, Stand, lay down, or esp. Walk. with out crying out in agonizing pain would be more serious to him. Instead of "It's normal, to feel a littel like that" Not at 15 weeks and surely not to that degree. I feel you and would love some support. Yes I got a machaine as well and have become a big worry wort.


Lynn - June 10

Rhonda - Its nice to have someone in the same boat! I am on methyldopa for my bp, what did your doc put you on? I was very frustrated when first diagnosed because you can find absolutley NO information on high bp before week 20. Pre-eclampsia is a rise in bp AFTER week 20 that is characterized by excessive swelling of the hands and face & sometimes of the legs & feet and protein in the urine. It can lead to premature birth and in the absolute absolute worst case that rarely happens if you get regular prenatal care, stillbirth. WE however don't have this condition right now. What we have can be either 2 things I found. Gestational/transient hypertension which is hypertension only during the pregnancy or chronic high blood pressure which is hypertension all the time that went undiagnosed before pregnancy and/or was first diagnosed before week 20 of pregnancy. In some of the studies that I read it seemed that women who have high bp before week 20 seemed to be at increased risk of developing pre-eclampsia. Keep in mind though that pre-eclampsia and eclampsia only affect 5-8% of all pregnancies, so the chances are still low that it will develope. The thinking behind this is that usually bp drops below your normal non-pregnancy bp during the first trimester and then begins to rise sometime after 20 weeks - even in absolutely normal pregnancies there is usually a rise in bp beginning sometime after 20 weeks. SO those of us who already have high bp before the 20 weeks mark can expect to see it go a little higher later in pregnancy which may need to be treated with bedrest if it gets to the severe or dangerous point. Or it may be able to be treated with some medication or an increase in medication. I am hoping that since I am on a normal dose of methyldopa (250mg 2 times a day) that mine could be controlled by increasing the meds if it starts to rise and if they need to take the baby a little early then I will be o.k. with that, But like you, I REALLY do not want to go on bedrest if at all possible. I am taking steps now to try to prevent that - have decreased amount of sodium I consume, watch all caffeine, started prenatal yoga for deep breathing/relaxation techniques and I rest when I feel like resting. I took yesterday off from work just because I needed a "mental health day" just to rest and get some of those little things around the house done so that I could relax a bit. My bp also seems to be all over the place.. After yoga it was 101/56 and then after lunch it was 138/68. I ahve also read that manly doctors pay more attention to the bottom number than the top number. Many say that as long as the bottom number is under 110 then you are o.k. Also, you "real" blood pressure is usually an average of several readings taken 4 hours apart. I have started a log of my bp. and hopefully the long will allow me to see an increase earlier than relying on doctors appts every 2 weeks.


Cindy - June 10

Mine was 190/130 this morning :´-(


Lynn - June 10

How far along are you Cindy? What did the doc say?


Beth - June 10

Lynn, that is really high for your blood pressure. How far along are you? do you have any swelling or protein in your urine? Let us all know!


Lynn - June 10

I will be 16 weeks on tuesday. I don't have any protein inmy urine at all. My hands swell a little sometimes but it seems to be more from lack of drinking water and the heat than anything else. When I drinka lot and keep cool I don;t swell. When I don;t drink my 64 ounces of water and/or am outside or hot my hands tend to swell a little bit.


Cindy - June 10

17 weeks and the doc told me to drop everything and relax for at least 2 weeks straight. No work, no house chores, no strenuous exercises--not even for a walk for 15 minutes! So all I do these days is lay in bed, read, watch TV, take baths, eat etc. Doc will check my BP every 2 days.


beth - June 10

I have another question for you ladies. Someone told me that hypertention is different from high blood pressure. She told me hypertention is from stress and high blood pressure is a genetic disorder. That doesn't make sense to me. I thought that hypertention was the medical term for high blood pressure. I don't know. I was wondering if anyone could clarify that for me.


Lynn - June 11

Hypertension and High blood pressure are the same thing. Youa re correct, hypertension is the medical term for it. There can be some genetic factors in it & it can also be related to stress. Most of the time there are medical reasons to explain it though.


Jbear - June 12

This is what I was told during my first pregnancy: If you don't normally have high blood pressure, but it is elevated during pregnancy before 20 weeks, it is pregnancy-induced hypertension. If it rises after 20 weeks, it is considered pre-eclampsia. I had high blood pressure throughout my first pregnancy. I was put on medication, and the dosage was increased as needed. At 36 weeks, my bp was 160/110 and I was told that I would have to have my labor induced. During my current pregnancy, my blood pressure was good until 24 weeks, and then it rose to 170/90 and my doctor started me on medication. So far the medication is controlling it. I'm hoping to make it to at least 38 weeks with this baby. (My daughter spent 2 weeks in the NICU, but she's doing great now). I'm 28 weeks now, and I'm going to stop working in a couple of days (my husband's going to work 2 jobs). With my first pregnancy, I worked until the day before my daughter was born, and I've always wondered if that contributed to my blood pressure problems and having to have her early.


Lynn - June 12

Jbear - what medication are you on? and what were you on with your first pregnancy? This is my first pregnancy and its nice to knwo that other people have had high bp and been o.k. WIth your first pregnancy, what did your blood pressure start out as before going on medication?


Jbear - June 12

I'm on Aldomet, and was on it during my first pregnancy. My bp was 150/82 when they started me on Aldomet during my first pregnancy. The doctor I started out seeing sent me to a high risk clinic, and they were the ones who prescribed the Aldomet. They also did a lot of tests throughout the pregnancy. I had two 24 hour urine tests, three 3 hour GTT's, an EKG, so many different blood tests that I can't remember them all, and from 29 weeks on I had a nonstress test every week. I also saw the doctor weekly from 29 weeks on. When I reached 35 weeks, they sent me to the hospital, but the hospital sent me home. Then they sent me the next week, and they did an ultrasound and estimated that my baby was 9.5 lbs, so they induced my labor. I had a c-section after a day and a half of pitocin and not even one contraction. My daughter weighed 6lbs and was long and scrawny. She had fluid in her lungs, which is common with a c-section, and that's why she was in NICU. I have a different doctor this time, and I don't feel as much like a science experiment. You know what's funny, though, with my first pregnancy I thought that feeling sleepy and dizzy was part of pregnancy, since I started on the blood pressure meds so early. This time I can tell the sleepiness and dizziness is a side effect of the blood pressure meds. I've noticed too that my legs are swelling more with the Aldomet than they were before. One encouraging thing about PIH...during the 5 days I was in the hospital having my daughter, I lost 35 lbs...and only 6 of that was the baby.


Lynn - June 13

OH good. I'm on Aldomet too. So you aren't going to a high risk doctor this time? It sounds like the only reason they induced so early was because they thought the baby was huge? Was your blood pressure still o.k. at 35 weeks with your last pregnancy? I don't understand some doctors. I have a frined whose bp was 180/110 almost her entire pregnancy and she was never put on meds - just watched closely. AAround 7 months her doctor told her to start taking it easy and she didn't.. she still worked 50-60 hours a weeks and stuff and started hving minor bleeding so then they put her on bedrest and she was 1 week overdue with her son. I feel better being on the meds though. I also wouldn't mind seeing my doc weekly a little earlier than 35 weeks.. maybe around 30 weeks... that would be o.k. with me.


ALS - June 13

To all of those who's doctors don't mind their B/P's being over 160/100, this is crazy. There are numerous side effects of this the most important being fetal growth. Babies of hypertensive moms tend to not grow. This is why my doctor has me going to a specalist and having a sono every month. I was hospitalized with a B/P of 174/97. This is something that is very serious and worries me that people are having such high B/P's. FYI I'm taking 500mg of Aldomet three times a day.


Jbear - June 14

Lynn, my labor was induced because they were afraid that I would have seizures from the high blood pressure. They might have held off a week or so if they thought the baby was smaller, but I think they would have kept me in the hospital for that week. I'm not seeing a high risk doctor this time because I had lost a lot of weight before this pregnancy, and my blood pressure was much better than ever before. I didn't want to go back to the high-risk clinic that I'd used because each visit took about three hours, and my daughter's 3, which is not the best age to sit in a waiting room more than half an hour (after that it turns into jumping, climbing, pestering, etc. instead of sitting). I figure that my current doctor will refer me to a perinatalogist if anything comes up that he's not used to dealing with.



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