Anyone Turn Down The Triple Test

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Jen - May 11

Has anyone turned down the triple test? Im still debating on weather or not to do it.


D - May 11

yup. my doc says I can still consider it until next weeks appointment, but my decision is made. She is fine with it too... she doesn't recommend it at my age (30). Too many false "positives".


chel - May 11

I've never had it done. I would not terminate the pregnancy even if it did show something. And like D said, too many false positives.


Heidi - May 11

I had the nuchal ultrasound done at 11 wks and everything was normal and I said at this stage of the pregnancy I wouldn't do anything anyway. She also said there's the risk of false positives but since my nuchal ultrasound was within normal range, I pa__sed. I'm 30 also.


Me - May 11

I don't even know what this test is, but my husband and I have already refused ANY test that is invasive to the womb or baby. These tests carry risks that can cause a miscarriage or other problems, and could very well give the wrong result. I have a friend who aborted 2 babies with the encouragement of her doctor because of invasive test results. I guess she just didn't know any better. My husband and I feel that no matter what any test would have to say, this is our baby, our blessing, our gift from God, and there's no way we would put it in any danger, much less abort it :) Good luck on your decision, make the one that you are comfortable with and don't let anyone pressure you.


Josie - May 11

Oh yeah...there is no chance I would do it, even when my 20 week ultrasound showed there MAY be an abnormality, which looks like it was a false positive since my 24 week one showed nothing to worry about...if you consider all it does is give you a say 1 in 900 chance of a Down's baby instead of a 1 in 1800 chance I don't think it is worth the worry...we worry enough!!


Julie - May 11

I had it done with both my pregnancies I found it rea__suring and it prepared me better. Basically my doctor said not to worry because the test only indicates a possible problem and gives the doctors more information


V - May 11

I had the Nuchal u/s done too. Here in Canada I guess they are trying to replace the triple screen with this u/s as it is more accurate..not hormone related. The u/s measures the nasal bone(I guess downs children that bone grows different) and the amount of fluid behind the neck. The more the fluid the more at risk you are. If you don't want to take the triple test try to get this one done. Painless and you get to see your peanut again!


Heidi - May 11

The nuchal ultrasound is only available at wks 11-13 unfortunately.


Jennifer - May 11

I had the Quad Marker test and it has done nothing but upset me completely. I am diabetic (which I run a chance of having birth defects to begin with). But according to my doctor this test has so many false positives that it really just upsets the mother when there is really nothing wrong. I wouldn't worry about it unless you would want to terminate a pregnancy with defects. I am not going to terminate the pregnancy no matter what so I wish that I would have not had that test just to upset me.


Jen - May 11

Thanks for all the input im driving myself nuts over this. Im 15 weeks pregnant and 26 years old i don't want to put myself through all of the stress and worry since there are so many false +.


Lissi - May 11

I found it reasuring to know that my baby had a good chance of being "normal", but had the chances of Down's been high, I still wouldn't have wanted to risk a m/c with an amnio. I decided I would have the baby whatever happens.


Misty - May 11

I had the test done just this past monday. I will know the results on friday. I would keep my baby unless there was something so wrong with it that it would suffer in life. Other then that I would keep it and let it have the best possible life. I mostly just took the test so that if there is something like downs I will know and be prepared for it before my baby comes. I want to accept it before the birth, not have the shock of it at delivery to try to accept.


Emma - May 14

I was going to have it but I didn't. Too many false positives--plus my preggo friend told me her friend was told she was going to have a baby with downs sydrome--so she worried for 5 months and almost had an abortion only to give birth to a perfectly normal baby. What's the point in worrying??


Christy - May 14

I got the info on this test last week, and I don't think we are going to do it. As stated before, too many false positives, I wouldn't have an amnio for further investigation, and I wouldn't terminate if something came up, so what's the point? I am a worry wart as it is, so no need to add extra stress on my already stressed out mind. I am 31 as well, so I like to think that the risk is low for Down's. The nuchal US sounds interesting, but this is the first time I have heard of it. It wasn't offered to me, but could be because I live in the States. Sounds interesting, though, and maybe I'll call and ask my OB about it, since I am 12 weeks now and could only get it for another week.


Hp - May 14

I had it done, it was only a blood test, so I thought why not. The results came back normal. I knew of the false positive risks, but I did it anyway cause the doc said that if there's a risk of down or other abnormalities, they can better monitor the baby and be ready for c-section or surgeries after delivery.


m - May 14

Actually, the false positive rate is lower in younger women. The older you get, the more false/positive the results are. As a matter of fact, my doctor told me not to even bother because it would come out positive. I'm 39. It's so scary and worriesome in our day and age to be pregnant, all the scenarios that make you feel so scared, when most of the time everything is fine. I like the phrase an older person told me, and that was "back in our day, you got what you got!" best wishes on your decision.



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