Anyone Using Baby Plus

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Carrie Anne - April 25

I just started using The BabyPlus Prenatal Education System yesterday and it's driving me crazy. I didn't think it would be as loud. It's going to be hard to use it twice a day for the rest of the pregnancy but if it really works it will definitely be worth it. Any of guys know if it really works and how did you deal with the monotenous sound?


Beth - April 25

No I had never heard of it, but I would like to find some information on it.


HP - April 25

Yeah.. what is BabyPlus Education system ?


Heidi - April 25

Yeah what's that????


Carrie Anne - April 25

It's hard to explain-you can read all about it on this website: I purchased it here:


D - April 25

Hmmm... got me curious. I did a google, and the website for this program is


D - April 25

Sorry Carrie Anne! I was typing my response when you posted...


Kim - April 30

Carrie Anne, how is BabyPlus going? I have just researched it and think that I will purchase it but I was wondering about some information that I did not find on the website. When do you start using it? Week 17 or 18? Also, I commute about 2 hours each way to work and I was wondering if I could use this in my car on the way to work if I don't have the radio on. I believe in the benefits of the system but due to my long commute, I think that it would be better for me to use it in the car. Any suggestions? How loud is it? Good luck!


Natasha - May 5

I am also going to be using the BabyPlus, I just got it in today, i'm 16wks. Been researching it since I found out I was preggers. It makes sense to me and if nothing else it makes me feel good that I am doing something for my baby that could really help them. How can I not give it a try ;0) I think all of us who are using the system should report back after our babies are born and let others know how things are going. I think the concept of stimulation makes a lot of sense. It isnt all that loud I dont think when you put it in the pouch and on your belly. It doesnt annoy me, it is kinda soothing the rhythm but that is just me. I was playing with it and The later lessons get really fast and that might make me feel a little anxious but I think it is something that you get used to like anything else. Just the bonding part is going to be awesome, they say the baby will sometimes respond by moving around. My Hubby will get a kick out of that when that time comes ;0) If the sound is too loud for you try putting a pillow or towel or somthing over the top of it to muffle it a bit (the outside,not the speaker) or try to be doing something around the house so you might not notice so much. It says it's okay to go on with your usual routine while wearing.


Natasha - May 5

You can hear samples of it on the website at


Julie - May 5

As a researcher I am a little skeptical about this product. I didn't see any real evidence that this is going to do anything? What about just playing some music?


Kim - May 5

Thanks, Natasha. I think that I will be placing my order soon. It's good to know that I can continue my normal routine with it so I can wear it as I drive to work. Good luck!


Misty - May 5

With you a hundred percent Julie. It has been shown that playing music near your belly can stimulate your baby because it can hear it. But what is wrong with putting some headphones on your belly and playing bethoven or something instead. It is a hell of a lot cheaper and I don't see how the BabyPlus thing would be any better. Save your money (the thing cost $150!) and put it into a savings fund for your baby or something.


Julie - May 6

Thanks Misty for agreeing I think this product is more like a marketing ploy for the company to make money. With my son I played cla__sical music and put headphones on my belly. My son is very smart. But paying $150.00 for this product I think is a joke there is no real evidence to support the product.


:) - May 6

I think the BabyPlus in a great idea but I too have decided to sing to the baby instead and play cla__sical music with headphones. :)


Carrie Anne - May 6

Hi Kim, I've gotten used to listening to the Baby Plus now. I started it a little early, 17 weeks. I figured it can't hurt. I too use it on my way to work. I can't wait until I start to feel the baby move. I'm 18 weeks now, due October 5. To the girls who don't see any evidence that it works. Did you read the letters sent in by the parents that used it along with pictures of their baby? You can see it in their eyes how alert they are. The difference in Baby Plus vs. music is the Baby Plus simulates the mother's heart beat and makes the baby differentiate between the two. This stimulates their brains. There are 16 lessons and the sound speeds up stimulating the brain even more. I'm not trying to push Baby Plus, and I agree it was a little expensive but I think it is worth the gamble to see if it in fact does what it says. Good luck to you all and I will keep in touch with you fellow Baby Plus users so we can compare results!


carol - May 6

Sounds suspect to me....I didn't see any proven research about it....I just don't understand how you child can "learn" from sounds like a heartbeat. It would seem more that they are moving and reacting to a stimulus, but I can't say that I believe they are learning anything......How would you know if it even worked. I would think that talking to you child would be better.....



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