Anyone Using Baby Plus

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carol - May 6

Sounds suspect to me....I didn't see any proven research about it....I just don't understand how you child can "learn" from sounds like a heartbeat. It would seem more that they are moving and reacting to a stimulus, but I can't say that I believe they are learning anything......How would you know if it even worked. I would think that talking to you child would be better.....


Kerry - May 7

To each his own, I guess.... I know people who have used this product with great results and I plan to use it as well. 150. is not a lot of money to me and my husband and I agree with Carrie Anne in that there is a difference between this product and playing music or talking. While these are both great things to do, they do work in different ways. If that works best for you, that's great, but don't critcize something you have not experienced due to cost. Based on what I have seen, 150. is a fair price to pay and well worth it to me.


Jodi - May 8

Hi everyone, I came across this article on WebMD (which I think is a great website), The doctors have some reservations about the babyplus system, which seem very valid.


Erin - May 9

Jodi, that page is unavailable at this time. Can you share any of what you read or why the doctor's did not favor this system. I was planning to order one soon but would like to hear all opinions. Thank you.


Carol - May 10

The site first posted still is not available, but here is one that is, It seems to make sense. Also the parents discussed there seem like educated parents who probably spend a lot of time talking with their child and interacting with him or her - one of the best ways to promote growth - so- where does the benefit come from - before birth or after?


Erin - May 10

Carol, thanks for the information. Maybe we'll never know if it's the parents or the system. I can say that my parents were great with us from day one and my brothers and I all had above average IQ's from the time we were first tested. Baby Plus was not available then.


Lisa - May 10

wonder if reps from the company are posting here to push their product.. maybe not all but suspicious...


Julie - May 10

Kerry I am curious to know how you know what your results are? It's not like your baby is going to be able to tell you? I am not criticizing but I think it sounds like a joke. I'm not saying I can't afford it I just don't think I would pay money for something that research doesn't support.


Kerry - May 10

Julie, you may be right. I was only stating the fact that the babies of people I know who have used this system slept better, reached milestones quicker and so on. Of course it might be possible that these babies would have turned out this way regardless which might be the point you are making.


Misty - June 23

Bumpity bump


. - June 25



nycbabyplususer - July 8

Simply turn on cla__sical music while the machine is on....You will eventually get use to it and if you remember the potentially long-term benefits to your child it will all seem worth it...


HI - July 8

Well Julie you know what they say about fools and their money...


Gaudi - December 16

I bought the Baby PLus and we´re using it for the 3rd week. Still I don´t feel completely confident about the system... could it be harmful in any way for my baby? I wonder if anyone out there used it and can tell me if everything went right with the baby post partum...


anita - December 16

Gaudi, i just read something about this today in 'babycenter magazine 3rd trimester'. here goes "and researchers have concluded that giving your baby extra stimulation in the womb will do nothing to accelerate his development and could even have unintended consequences such as hearing damage. You woouldn't dream of putting speakers next tou your newborn's ba__sinet and cranking uo the Mozart; putting headphones next to your pregnant abdomen isn't a good idea either."


kim - February 22

Ladies, There is extensive research on this topic, it is only a matter of doing the foot work. I studied for 17 weeks before purchasing the unit. Our son is now 5 years old mid way through grade k, reading at 2nd grade exit level. Since his birth, we have seen virtually every claim of this product in our son. We loaned the unit to three different expecting couples who experienced similar results. We would purchase this unit time and time again if the need arose. You might say so what. Your loss. I am one of 8 and have been a very close part of many infant nieces, and nephews lives. Never in my life have I seen anything like this. My research lead me to a number of discussions with Dr. Logan himself, which proved to be very enlightening. If you look closely at the BP website you will find a direct email address for Dr. Logan. If not as I said before, your loss. Or should I say, your childs loss!!!



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