Anyone With 2 Yr Olds And Pregnant

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lrodriguez83 - August 4

Please if there is anyone out there either going through this right now or has gone through it, tell me if there is light at the end of the tunnel. My son is 2.5 yr old and last week he started daycare as his great grandmother that was keeping him had a back injury and was not able to care for him anymore. Day 1 he did great. No crying at drop off and was great. Day 2 he cried when we dropped him off and day 3 he cried until he threw up. His 2 cousins, 1 is his age and one is a litlte younger are in the same class with him but that doesn't seem to make it any easier. I just left him today and he was crying so hard, he kepy saying no mommy go to mommy's car. He doesn't want to be there at all. I am currently 20 weeks preggo and it kills me and I have a breakdown everytime after i leave him. Will this get better or what do I do to make it easier?


AMBERBABY4 - August 4

hi have had the same problem . 1st day no crying cause he did not know what to expect but after that he knew he was gonna be left there for a couple of hours.even after 3mths he was still crying he would cry until he had no breath left so now im 20 wks and i ended up pulling him out i could not handle it.Itwould break my heart each time i just thought i would rather deal with it. yes it is hard but not as hard as leaving a screaming baby with some one he dont know i think i might start early day care with this one that way he will be use to it .my son has never been with any one else other then myself my partner and thats all he knows is us thats why we have to get in early this time LOL. some kids are different your boy might be alright after a few wks unlike mine .but get them to record his day and see if that eases your mind. i did it and he was fine only the thought of leaving his mummy.


E586467 - August 4

I went through this with my daughter & even though I used to work in childcare & knew what to expect, it didn't make it any easier. Have you asked what he is like throughout the day? Most children make a big scene to give you a guilt trip (much like a tantrum, because they get a reaction from you), but are actually ok during the day. The best thing you can do when you drop him off is make your goodbye as quick & unemotional as possible (Give him a kiss, a hug, & make sure you emphasise that you will be back later to pick him up), if he sees you acting positively about it, he will start to too, just remember children mirror our actions. It is easier said then done (believe me it took all my strength to smile & walk out without crying) but it is the only way to make him see that saying goodbye is not the end of the world. Give him at least a couple of weeks using the positive goodbyes & see how he is & make sure you ask how he is during the day. If he is still not handling it very well ask him (when he is calm at home) why he doesn't like it. You never no maybe he doesn't like one of the carers or a particular child in his room. My daughter LOVES going now, but in the beginning it was hard & I had moments when I almost pulled her out. Goodluck & I hope my suggestions help.


lrodriguez83 - August 4

Thanks for the tip about keeping it short, I usually stay with him and hold him for a few. Maybe that is making it harder on him and me both. Tomorrow I was going to try having my hubby drop me off at work first, then drop our son off. Maybe that would make things easier??


joeby321 - August 4

I have a 20 month old daughter who just started daycare about a month ago because of my high risk pregnancy and we went through the same thing. She was hysterical, she screamed to the point of getting sick and it was heartbreaking. She was always with me and had never even seen the inside of a daycare until we toured the one we chose to put her and her sister in. However after 3 weeks of crying and fits she settled down and now actually walks in and says bye bye when we leave. She just needed to adjust and took a little bit longer to do so. My suggestion is to keep your drop off short and simple, say your goodbyes in the car, give your son a kiss as your walking in and when you get to his cla__s, hand him over to the teacher. Try not to just put him down on the floor though that may be hard on him- see if you can directly put him into the arms of a teacher that way they can soothe and comfort him until you make your way out of the door. Also as you suggested try having your husband bring him- my husband now takes our girls to daycare everyday and not only do they love the 1 on 1 Daddy time but it is a lot easier on me as well. Hang in there it will get easier. I hope this helps!


lrodriguez83 - August 5

This morning my hubby did take him, said he got out of the car, walked in fine but when he got to his cla__sroom door he was saying no daddy no. But he took him in, gave him to the teacher and he cried but he left right away. So I am going to call and check on him shortly... Thanks for the tips ladies.



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