Anyone With Leg Pains At Night

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Kristyn - April 13

Hi all - I am 19 weeks and lately I wake up with horrible leg pains... I wouldn't call them leg cramps because they are up by my hips. Really painful. I try sleeping on the other side but then it just happens again on that side. All I want to do is lay on my back but I know I shouldn't. Anyone else have this?? Help!


tara - April 13

It's actually okay to lay on your back for a short time. It's after the 24th week that they say try to stay off your back, it won't do any harm to the baby but it will be uncomfortable for you to be on your back because of the extra wieght but if you are comfee that way for now, go ahead and enjoy it!


b - April 13

Yes and they are horrible cramps!!!! I was told by my doctor to start taking Calcium and I have been taking it for a week now I am actually sleeping through the night now.


sree - April 13

hi kristyn, i also feel the same thing for past few weeks..i am currently in 23rd u say i also feel the leg pain from the hips till toes on the side i am sleeping...its very uncomfortable...only thing we can do is get up and walk for a while and again go back to sleep...getting up and streching helps me a little bit...


Kristyn - April 13

Thanks for the info, guys! Ahhh, the sacrifices we make!


KellyB - April 13

Sciatica. Yes, lovely shooting pains down my leg starting at my hip or lower back. It's pressure on the sciatic nerve. I had it before on occasion before prego and now more frequent. Heat has been my saviour. I put a heating pad on it and that usually helps. I had it so bad one day that i cried the entire hour commute to work. My doctor said I could take a regular strength tylenol and put heat on it. I did and it got better. When it happens again, I just stick to the heating pad unless I am in tears.


Julie - April 13

I haven't had them this time around but with my son I had horrible charlie horses in the middle of the night they were soooo painful.


** - April 13

I have leg cramps sometimes in the day! At night it doesnt bother me as much!


D - April 16

Hell yeah my legs hurt like hell with cramps at night. i am 17wks3days


leslie - April 16

yes, yes yes!! sucks! when i am going to sleep my legs start the point where I can't go to sleep..what I have done and seems to I get my legs up towards the wall for like 10 minutes, it seems like they hurt more but then when I go back to sleep It actually helps and I am able to sleep through out the night..It may help if you try it. Good luck and keep me posted.


Heather - April 17

yes!!! im also getting stomach pains and back pains.. only at night


Marie - April 19

37 weeks. My pain is not really cramping. It is more like a dull, aching pain that shoots up and down my leg. I take a warm bath to soak my legs, my husband rubs lotion and flex-all on my legs and I take Tylenol. It still keeps me up at night. I had the same thing with my daughter. IT SUCKS! Any suggestions?



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