Anyone With Urine Leakage

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Emsmom512 - February 2

Hi 22 weeks here with second child and I don't quite seem to remember all this leakage. Anyone else having problems with urine. I don't even feel like I have to go but my undies are wet from urine. I had my first child va___al so maybe that might be the prob. What do you think ladies? HELP!!!


sarahd - February 2

You're sure it's urine and not amniotic fluid or discharge, correct? I'm not having that problem, (but I do have a lot of discharge) and I always wear a pantyliner b/c of it, which really helps. Also, try doing lots of kegel exercises, which help strengthen those muscles. Maybe mention it to you doc?


Emsmom512 - February 2

Yes...Well I know it's not amniotic fluid. It could be both discharge and urine. B.c I get lots of discharge too. Is your discharge ever really thin though?. Cuz this is like liquid. It smells like urine. I believe. I see doc next week. So I'll check.


aliciavr6 - February 2

I leak a tiny bit right after I take a bath it seems and there was a whole thread about this (peeing a little while coughing, sneezing, or just for no reason, etc.), it could have been in first tri board, I don't remember, but I do believe it's normal.


Maggie - February 2

I have this problem that if I cough or sneeze I get a little tinkle (sorry tmi) down my leg. If I have a cold I wear a super maxi pad so I don't humiliate myself. I think its normal, but asked your doc if you're worried.


c_baer19 - February 2

I have the same problem, and I'm pretty sure it's urine, not anything else. I don't even realize I have to go, but then all a sudden if I don't go right away, I feel like it's going to leak/wet my pants. It used to happen when I just sneezed or something, but for the past couple days it has just been out of nowhere - I'm not sure whether or not I should worry. I'm only 16 weeks, by the way.


Angee2 - February 2

Ive noticed that I am sweating more in that area for some reason.--sometime when I go to the bathroom my undies are kinda wet, but not like I wet myself, just a little damp w/ slight odor. I leak a little urine the othe day sneezing. LOL


jodie - February 3

Ugh!!! I have horrible urine leakage! It all started after I had my son. It wasn't too bad but then I got preg again (my ds is 14 months) I am 16 weeks preg and the pee leakage is driving me up the wall. My doc said there is nothing that can be done until I deliver. He said either pills, or if they don't work there is also a surgery....yuck. I have to wear a couple of panty liners a day....yuck yuck yuck!!


wrightofway - February 3

Urine leakage. Yup! I'm 20 weeks along with our second. My DS is only 11 months... it was not so bad with him... but with this one... its downright gross! I wear a regular pad (change a few times) during the day... otherwise, I smell gross, and probably look like I wet myself. I sneeze - I pee. I laugh - I pee. I cough... oops... i pee some more!? Its ridiculous!


mtnla__s - February 4

I have had this problem since my second was born but with number three it has gotten worse. Everytime I throw up I also pee my pants!! How awful is that! I'm afraid to leave the house. Thank Goodness my vomiting days seem to over. Normal panty liners or pads won't help with the smell which I hate, lets just make you feel worse by stinking. But Serenity (Teena) has pantyliners that neuralize the urine so you don't stink like a wet diaper. It doesn't help too much with the other pregnancy drippings but at least that doesn't seem stink. I am so happy they made these, it is so nice to have a thin pantyliner or a thicker pad if necessary without having to wear one of the "adult diapers". Not every store seems to carry the pantyliners though, the only store I've found is Walmart.


punkin01 - February 4

OMG i thought it was just me it was kinda bad with my DD but after i had her no problems at all but then i got preggo again and it is horrible this time sneeze cough you name it and morning sickness was bad this time around and i would throw up and pee on my self i was embarra__sed more than once when hubby would check on me and he acted as if he didnt notice but i know he did and with preg hormones i cried about it one day and it laughed it off that he done it too back when he had the stomach virus but it was pooh made me laugh so it is all good i am just glad that i am not alone


punkin01 - February 4

that should read he laughed it off.........and i dont mean he laughed at me but he was trying to make me feel better and not cry about something i couldnt help


MNMOM - February 5

I've had a few incidents of leakage if I sneeze hard or cough hard. I didn't have this problem last time! It's normal I guess but it is a big inconvienence!



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