Appear To Have Lost Weight

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~S~ - April 18

I'm 5 months and although I've put on weight, 10lbs to be exact, my friends or people who have not seen me in a little while, say I've looked like I've slimmed down, especially in the face and a little bit in the legs. Although, they agree that my belly has gotten bigger because I used to have a flat tummy...My bf has noticed this, my cousin, my gf's, even myself, when I look in the mirror I can tell that my face has totally slimmed down because I have more distincitive cheek bones...I'm kinda curious as to how this can be, if I've put on 10lbs. I guess my fat is being diverted to my midsection?? I dunno..has anyone else recognized this or have been told this?


Kara - April 18

I don't know, I guess it culd be that you're body has different priorities now so its putting all your stores to where it thinks it needs them most, around hips and baby. Sounds reasonable. Anyone else agree?


lisa jepun - May 20

im having the same problem as u,only that after my first pregnancy i gained weight ,only during my first check up,i found out that i was loosing 4kg...the doc told me that the baby was physically fine and that i had to return next 2 weeks to have another thorough check really worried.but i will get bk to u after the visit,,,take care...


Andrea - May 21

You could have actually lost weight but the baby and pregnancy are making uo for the difference. I am 5 months and have lost seven lbs so far. My doc says your weight does not matter as long as you do not have a sudden extreme shift. If your baby looks great on ultrasound and you are taking your vitamins and eating healthy you will be fine.


lilmum - May 21

i feel the exact opposite! i was SURE i had gained atleast 5lbs, but when i went to my prenatal the other day, i had actually LOST half a pound (not much i know.. but i was shocked). I know my belly is bigger, and i feel like my b___t and thighs and even my arms are bigger, but i haven't gained a thing!



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