Applied For A Job When Pregnant Good Or Bad

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redemptive_angel - April 11

I am 26 weeks and showing (well, if you ask me I just look fat). Anyway, I applied for a job and they want to interview me. I guess what I am worried about is my face has the worst acne ever. Will this hurt my chances of getting the job. I have been turned down by other companies... I am well qualified for each position. My issue is we need the money, and I am almost wondering if I should keep looking for a job, knowing I am pregnant and they would end up training me and then I would have to take a leave of absence.


amyn - April 11

Well the problem is I would think that most companies when hiring want someone they know is going to be there, not have to take leave right away and maybe never come back... Their investment in hiring you might not be benificial to the company. Unfortunatly compaines do not care if the person they hire needs the money but what good you will bring to the company and are you a good investment. Plus since you are about 14 weeks away from delievering you won't have the year plus requirement needed for them to hold your job for you after the baby's birth. (this is in the US). I don't want to sound so negative but its reality. But I definitly wish you the best of luck.


mcatherine - April 11

If you are in the U.S. - you don't actually have to have your job for a year to be able to take maternity leave without losing your job. FMLA law doesn't designate a time limit (that can be company policy for paid maternity leave) only the number of employees the company has to employee in order for your position or one of equivelent staus to be held while you are gone. The fact is - it is against the law for anyone to ask you if you are pregnant and pregnancy or the issues of maternity leave cannot be considered when making the decision to hire someone. Under EEOC law, pregnancy must be treated the same as a disability and not discriminated against. But the fact of the matter is, redemtive angel, people aren't blind and they aren't always honest. amyn is right, the company will consider if their investment in hiring and training you is beneficial to them in the long run and she is being realistic to the ways of our world. Acne may be the least of your worries. Have you tried a temp agency? I know a few pregnant women that were able to get 8+ week a__signements and did not have to worry about their due date or taking leave, then went back to work after six weeks. Good luck.


Steph - April 11

mcatherine has a great idea....temp agencys may be your best bet. You can probably get pretty steady work via an agency as opposed to wasting your time applying for jobs and going to interviews. I'd doubt that you would get hired anywhere being 26 weeks pregnant. You'll go to interviews, but I doubt you'll get called back. No you can't be discriminted against, but all the employer has to do is say that they have found someone more qualifed and chose to hire them instead.


Been There - April 11

Mcatherine, you are incorrect about FMLA. You do have to have worked for the employer for a year to have job protection, with enough hours worked to be protected under the FMLA law. So she won't have protection there. Steph is right, to prove she was not hired because of her pregnancy is not easy to do. But if the company does think she has the right qualifications for the job and is really stuck on the right person and not the "right now" person, they will hire her anyway. There are several companies out there that understand it's just a part of life and don't care. We hired someone in December who was due in February and she took her leave for 7 weeks. She's a great and industrious employee and well worth the time we invested. Most good employers know 6-8 weeks is minimal when they have a good employee on their hands versus still looking for the right one. Now, if you tell me what state you live in, I could be of further a__sistance regarding state laws because there are state laws (California being the best) that are specifically for pregnancy leaves and, in some cases, more generous and lenient than the federal FMLA law.


EM - April 11

You should also know that FMLA only protects companies with over 50 employees. Keep up the search, if you are qualified there is bound to be someone out there willing to give you a chance. Be up front about how much time you would like to take off and such. Good luck. I started a new job when I was 4 weeks pregnant (I didn't know yet so I couldn't tell my employer). I was really worried to tell him but he's actually a great boss and brought me flowers the next day! There are people like this out there.


HannahBaby - April 11

i hate FMLA.....its bull c___p that you have to work there for a year and not just that but if you dont work 1250 hours in that year you are not eligable so part timers dont get it unless they pick up 10 over time shifts in a year...this was a major problem for me when i was working at the not fair.


Roary - April 11

I actually just got a new job and I am 28 weeks pregnant. It is-thankfully--internet based. Is an online job an option for you?


redemptive_angel - April 11

I live in MIchigan. I know that it is against the law for them to ask if I am pregnant Durring and after an interview. But your right, they will have eyes. I am not worried about paid maternity leave, I don't get that now as it is... I am just worrried that if I do get hired, there would be a job waitting for me when I get back (It doesn't even have to be the same job). I applied for a call center so I would be on my b___t answering questions all day on the phone. My current job, I am the manager of a hardware store. I am on my feet constantly anywhere from 6 to 12 hours. I am lucky if I get to sit down for my lunch (I have to eat while clocked in - no one to releave me) I get paid only $7 per hour and I have no benefits. They work me full time hours and cut me back one week to keep me at a part-time status. Overall my job sucks. I have been looking for a new job before I even knew I was pregnant, however no luck, there are too many people in MI out of work and looking for new jobs (I should just be thankfull that I have a job, right - yea except when you can barely pay your bills with what your making). I wouldn't mind doing internet work, the problem is I just don't want to get sucked into one of those scams.


ataylor724 - April 12

As illegal as it is, I was actually fired from my job when they found out I was pregnant. They told me that I was too sick to perform my duties and then put on my record some c___p about not being able to maintain me at an acceptable rate. And now the girl that took over my position just received a raise and is now making 500 a month more than I was. I am planning on taking it to the labor board, but it's hard to prove. I was just going to let it die because they weren't so great of a company to work for anyway, but I've been turned away from three other jobs after my second interview for no reason other than they are "unable to extend employment to me at this time." This of course coming after they called me back in a second time to discuss when I would start, my pay and benefits... which was when I asked about maternity. I live in San Diego and it's pretty much impossible to survive on one income. We're having to move in with family because of this.... definetely not what I was expecting. I hate to be negative, but it's the truth. It's too hard to say you weren't hired because of pregnancy. I hope I can find one of those employers like Been There's lol. Oh I should add that the jobs I am applying for are at and far below my skill level and experience. I heard that Babies R Us hires pregnant women, however, I also heard they don't pay so well. Good luck! Keep us posted on how it goes.


EM - April 12

Redemptive angel, I'm sorry to hear you're in MI. I know you're not exagerating about the job situation there. My mother and brother are both there searching for livable jobs. My mom was fired right after Christmas from Ultra the Diamond and Gold Outlet in Howell because "the store was losing profitability." Well, we think its age discrimination because shortly after they fired two other older ladies. Since then all but one has QUIT and she had had the same staff working for her (she was manager) since the store opened! They just wanted someone younger in there. Since they got rid of her the store has gone from the top 20 of I think 2-300 stores to third from last!!! Serves them right! She can't find anything that pays near what she made from the store and she doesn't have any college so that is limiting her options. Its total bs! Keep searching though, something will come up eventually as long as you don't give up.


krc - April 12

as far as the FMLA...I got hired at a job when I was 12 weeks pregnant. They were going to give me 6 weeks paid maternity leave and the insurance they offered I got in 30 days and it covered my pregnancy. So I think it all depends on the company. Also this wasn't a " professional job ". It was a simple $9 an hour 9-5 I found in the paper. So i say keep looking if you must. Since then I left that job though and moved to another city and got hired at 22 weeks pregnant ( and showing ) by Dillard's in the mall. I wouldn't let being pregnant stop you...if a company needs you bad enough they'll work with you.


honker - April 14

Hi angel, I think you should go for it. It certainly can't hurt to try. I will be starting a job at the end of next month and will show up about 5 mos. pregnant. I'm sure they won't be thrilled, but I do intend to work there for a long time and so they will get their money's worth! Maybe when you get to the interview, there will be really family-oriented people there that will understand. My sister-in-law was hired even though had told them that she was pregnant - they weren't even upset. She says now that it is a great place to work and employs lots of women of child-bearing age, many of whom are on mat leave! Good luck.



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