Applying For Medicaid Late In Pregnancy

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Alicia - November 14

OK... this is my delima. My husband and I sat down over the weekend to figure out what my actual income would be after the new baby is added onto my current insurance and daycare for two is subtracted. Well... it ends up that once taxes and everything else comes out... I will be bringing home about 25 dollars a week. To me it's not worth that to pay someone else to raise my three year old and new baby. So... I got to thinking and once I leave my job and we only have my husbands income, we will qualify for medicaid and WIC. Then I got to thinking if I leave my job a couple of weeks before my due date like I had planned on... I will have no insurance, but I would then qualify for medicaid since I am pregnant. I am just concerned that I will have to leave work much earlier than I had anticipated to prove thant our income is at the amount it needs to be at. I just don't want to plan on things working out too close to my due date amd then have everything screw up and me left high and dry without insurance! Has anyone been through a situaution like this before?!? What should I do?


Alicia - November 15

Does no one have advice for my situation?


Jennifer - November 15

I think the answer to your question lies in what state you live in. I'll answer as though you live in washington. Being pregnant, you qualify for pregnancy healthcare, regardless of income. If you quit your job before you give birth, then you won't have a job, and they will look at your husband's income. Regardless of his income though, the baby will still be covered for up to 6 months and they will change your coupon to say family planning only. This lasts for 6 months. Then they re-evaluate your situation, and base your benefit level on your combined income, which basically, if you don't have a job at that point, means your husbands income will tell them whether or not you qualify for other things. Again, this is for Washington state. I haven't had any experience with Medicaid in other states. I hope this helps though.


19wks - November 15

Im pretty sure that it doenst matter how far along u are or how soon or late u quit your job u will be able to get medicaid at any time


Tamisha - November 16

Alicia, like Jennifer, I think it depends on the state you live in. I live in Florida. What I found out was that while you will qualify for health insurance due to pregnancy(by the way it doesn't even matter if you're working or least in Florida, you will qualify) the dilemma is that it could take up to 120 days for the medicaid to process your application. While it usually does not take that long, you have to worry about healthcare for you and your baby in the meantime, because you will not get medicaid if when you apply you currently have first you would have to quit your job or stop your insurance from your job, than apply, and then wait. When I first applied for medicaid it took about 5 weeks for any response. I ended up just enrolling through my job for insurance. You have to do what is best for you.


Jennifer - November 16

To add to what Tamisha said... If when you apply for medical care, you check the Yes box in the question "is this an emergency" they will process your info VERY quickly. Here, it takes forever for DSHS to process your information just to get you an interview. I filed my paperwork on line and checked the emergency box, and got my appointment within a week, and my coupon came within another week.



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