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Victoria - March 8

How did you guys have your appointments? My first appoinment with RN. she did internal exam and said everything is OK. After four weeks I have appointment with the Dr. Heard baby's heart beat and di not do any internal exam. But she talked about the diet, protien, Calcuim etc. I going to have 4 week appointment alternative with RN and doctor Is it normal. Usually how these appointment will go? Thank you


iakram - March 8

Hi Victoria..I guess it depends where you live. Where are you from? Here in Toronto Canada it varies from hospital to hospital. With my first one - my apts were always with the OB but a nurse always saw me just before the Dr. where I did the protein test, got weighed, checked for the HB and did a iron test. Then the Dr saw me checked my belly and asked if I had any questions. This time I'm at a different hopital and the Dr only seems me.


Tillie - March 8

My doctor's office does it the same way, Victoria: alternating between an RN and the doctor. They only occasionally do an internal exam after the first one (I'm 26 weeks and only had one at 10 weeks). Mostly it's just checking weight, blood pressure, and your baby's heart.


Victoria - March 9

Thank you for your input. I live in US in Boston area. I am 15 weeks and my next appointment is in 18 th week.


Nita_ - March 10

My OB has an option of midwives/Drs. I opted with midwives as I felt more comfortable. If during birth any complications arise, the Dr will be called they said and I can switch to Drs if I like anytime. They have 3 midwives, so I alternate with them from appt to appt. So far, the nurse takes in my weight, BP and urine sample etc before I see the midwife. Who checks the baby's heartbeat and just at last appt started to measure the fundal height. I'm 25 weeks now. My 1st two ultrasounds were done by the Dr. and since then my midwives have monitored the heartbeat via doppler. My 20th week u/s was done by an u/s tech. I guess it all depends on the OB practice you go to.



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