April Due Dates

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justinsbaby - September 22

hi everyone! I am due April 4, with Twins! I was woundering if anyone here was as far along as me? I live in a small town and don't have very many people to talk to.


amski78 - September 24

I am due April 4th too! I haven't had an ultrasound at all yet (Oct 3rd) and also haven't heard the heartbeat yet - my last Dr. appt it was too early to hear...so as you can imagine, we are VERY anxious for the 3rd to come along! I'm nervous and excited to see if there actually IS a baby in there! :-)


justinsbaby - September 25

I had mt ultrasound at 6 weeks and I get another in a couple of weeks. I could believe it when there were 2 babie in there! I already have 2 other babies though!


amski78 - September 25

Oh wow! This is my first so everything is new and I'm learning all kinds of things! :-) I would love to have twins!


lissica - September 26

I am due april 11th with my 2nd.


Megan P - September 26

HI! I am also due April 4th. This will be my second. My daughter is 13 months old. I had a miscarriage in May so I'm relieved to be out of the first trimester! I am stuffed up and getting bigger than last time! Can't wait to feel movement..........


amski78 - September 26

I also had a miscarriage (technically my first pregancy) at the end of May so I am over the MOON that the first trimester is over...I am counting down the days to the first ultrasound!!


april09 - September 26

I'm due April 7th with twins, I've had two ultrasounds already and I still constantly worry. I have a 2 year old and must admit dh and I were totally shocked to find out we are having twins, but we are both excited.


fncdavis - October 9

I'm also having twins and I'm due April 15th. I've had about 6 u/s due to infertility issues, so dh and I have been very lucky seeing our two little critters a lot. We've decided to not find out the s_x of the babies, dh wants the big surprise in the delivery room. How are you all feeling? My ms is finally over and I don't seem to be as tired, I'm so glad the 2nd trimester is here. Good luck to all. Cindy


abanks2 - October 10

So many mommies with twins, congratulations to all of you!!! I am a little bit behind the rest of you, due April 23 with baby number 2. DD is 15 mos old now. I just graduated to 2nd trimester this week. Yay! DH and I got to see baby on the portable US at our last appointment, he/she was kicking away and sucking the thumb, it was so cute! Oh by the way, I only have one in there. :) Good luck to everyone.


pgagain - October 12

Mine, a single, is due April 19th. This makes our sixth and we couldn't be happier. Can't wait for the gender ultrasound. We have one boy smack in the middle of his two older and two younger sisters. Either gender will work for us, tho.


mommajackson - October 13

I'm finally here!!! I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks so it seemed like the first trimester took FOREVER lol! I am 13 weeks 1 day today and am also having twins. WOOHOO! Techinically my due date is 4/19/09 but I am carrying monoamniotic (identical/same sac) twins so the specialist and I are trying took cook them until 34 weeks (max) and then they will be deivered via c-section. I am excited, nervous, anxious, etc. This is my 2nd pregnancy. I have a little princess...a 2 year old daughter. It's nice to meet all of you and I look forward to following your journeys. I wish you all the best. Enjoy this time in your life. Even though it feels long before you know it they are waking and talking (and having tantrums lol!). Congrats everyone!!!


3isgood - October 15

I am due April 4 too. I had my ultrasound yesterday (10-14) and the Doc only saw 1 baby. Is their a possibility that their can still be 2 in me. Has anyone ever heard of that?


kayce09 - October 16

what were the indications anyone was having twins I haven't had an u/s yet just curious I am due 4/26/08


mommajackson - October 16

Hi 3isgood. I think that if you had an ultrasound at this point (you are further along than me) than the dr. is pretty for sure that there is just one baby in there. Ulltrasound technology is prety advanced and they look pretty thouroughly. There isn't a chance of the egg splitting or anything like that anymore. It happens really early on. It was very clear in my 8 week ultrasound that there were 2 babies and you could also see two heartbeats and they were teeny tiny then. Kayce09 I didn't have any indication of twins. We don't have any on either side of the family so it never really crossed my mind. However my twins are identical so it has nothing to deal with heredity at all. Just a random act of egg splitting lol! At my 6 week ultrasound we clearly saw one yolk sac and one heartbeat. By my 8 week ultrasound we saw one yolk sac and two babies. This is when I was referred to the specialist and found out both babies were in one sac. At 7 weeks I REALLY felt symptoms hit me all at once. All the symptoms were way more intense than with my daughter. I guess that was an indicator but I didn't know yet. Hope that helps.


april09 - October 16

If I hadn't had the early ultrasound (standard at my OB's office) I would not have known I was having twins. This pregnancy has been a lot different than my first with more pronounced symptoms and I would have chalked it up to just being different than the first. My ms was gone by around week 10 (which I had none of in my first pregnancy) but I'm still really tired, I usually fall asleep 10 minutes after putting my 2 year old to bed at 8:00. We are planning to find out the s_xes with this pregnancy so we feel as prepared as possible. We didn't find out with the first and it was worth the wait but this time I'm hoping to go shopping for a few boy items soon, not that two girls would bother me, at least not until we had 3 teenage girls in the house! Hope everyone is doing well, it's exciting to see so many having twins in April.


lizworkinonbaby - October 19

I am due April 23rd, and this is my 4th pregnancy, but first to make it to the second trimester. We had our NT scan last week, and everything was fine. Im still having sever morning sickness though...for hours a day...Ive tried a pill, and a cream you put on your wrist the Doc gave me, but nothing has helped so far. Im not throwing up..but I cant eat much either. Anyone else still sick??



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