April Mommies How Big Are You

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goblair - November 8

I am due 4/12 with baby #4 and my uterus has passed my belly button. So many things say that it doesn't do that until 20-22 weeks. Just wondering....


Canada girl - November 8

I am due 4/14 and I have a slight bulge up to my belly b___ton, but it's still soft. I have only gained about 7 lbs and I hardly look pregnant!


Cheryl - November 8

I'm due April 4 and I'm really starting to look pregnant. I have the rounded belly and I'm wearing maternity clothes nows. My last doctor appt which was almost 3 weeks ago I gain 2 1/5 pounds total. But I think I've gain some more weight since then!! I think I felt my baby move yesterday for the first time!!!! Have a happy pregnancy!!


AMY - November 8



Samantha - November 8

Hey! I am due April 10th. I have only gained 4 pounds but I'm starting to get a little of a belly. Good Luck Everyone!!!


me - November 8

17 weeks & only starting gaining any weight about a week ago. Starting to look preg, but only to me & my bf. For sure I'll "pop" btwn Thanksgiving & xmas, so not worried about it.


ry - November 9

hi! i am due 4/8 and i really have not gained any weight but my belly sticks out a bit. its weird cause some days i really look pregnant and some days you could never tell.......i cant wait til i officially pop-hopefully by christmas!


Jill - November 9

I am bue 4/26 and have gained 6 lbs. I just recently started to look pregnant if I wear a tight top. Just got maternity jeans, but the tops are huge. I bough some of those "surplus" tops which give me a little more room (and I will be able to wear them post pregnancy). Most of my older tops don't fit because they ride up- I don't mind showing a little belly but it's November!


Jo - November 9

I'm due april 21st, and feel like I show more at night than in the morning - guess its just bloating! I wear all maternity bottoms, but still survive with my own b___ton down shirts for work. I'm guessing I'll be in maternity shirts by christmas


jumac - November 9

i get bigger everyday i think, you dont really notice it that much because you see it every min of the day i do feel bigga at night and as i sit in tne evening i can feel the baby mving around, i love that. but i still look like i ate too much it depends what clothes i wear, my work uniform i have to undo the b___ton and tuck it in which isnt very comfy good luck to all you mumies


val - November 9

I'm due 4/15, and at my last appointment at 17 weeks my uterus was at my belly b___ton already. I am in maternity clothes, and I can't hide it anymore. My regular shirts are getting too short to fit over the belly. This is my first. My belly b___ton has opened up too, it used to be completely a completely closed innie, now I can see the back of it it's like a big hole, it's weird!


Amber - November 9

I just got back from my 17 week check, and I have gained over 20 lbs already! Oops! I was a semi-professional athlete before I got prego, and have always had to watch everything I ate. I must say I went a little crazy for a few weeks! But it was so nice eating like a guy for a while. So now it is back to the veggies and protein, as I am not allowed to gain any more weight between now and my next appt. Any one else plumping up?


krystal - November 9

i am due with baby number 1 and it is due 4-15 and the dr. said that the baby is very big for its size...


Jami - November 9

I'm due April 17th and at 17 weeks with my first baby im really having a hard time finding work clothes. Im not really big enough to fit into maternity clothes but im to big to fit into regular clothes. Then it sucks because im 18 and i like to dress nice for work but still wear the teenager style type clothes, and most of the stuff i see in the maternity section are definately not cute. So i think im in for a big problem finding cute professional clothes that fit my age and style. anyone else having problems finding cute professional clothes that fit right?


Lisa D - November 9

I'm with Amber, I have gained some weight (maybe 12 pounds?) but I look HUGE. I look pregnant - no question. I am carrying (a girl) very low and wide but definately have a very round belly and have been showing since 6 weeks. Officially in maternity clothes now!


Carmen - November 10

I am due 4/24 and I have totally popped out in the last week or so. I have a very rounded belly that sits pretty high and it's really hard already! I have gained 7 pounds. I can't believe how quickly it happens. Question for you ladies-how do you know how big your uterus is? At my 15 week appointment the doctor said it measured at 8cm. Is that normal?


K - November 10

This probably isn't the rule, but it seems common enough that I'll roll with it: The thinner a woman is before pregnancy, the more she seems to gain, & she'll gain it rapidly too. I was 10 pounds "overweight" pre-pregnancy, & at 17 weeks have only put on two pounds.



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