April Mommies How Big Are You

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K - November 10

This probably isn't the rule, but it seems common enough that I'll roll with it: The thinner a woman is before pregnancy, the more she seems to gain, & she'll gain it rapidly too. I was 10 pounds "overweight" pre-pregnancy, & at 17 weeks have only put on two pounds.


Jill - November 10

Jami, have you tried Old Navy and Target? Even Motherhood looks like they have some young stuff. Pants one size up are a good idea for in between. They may seem like a waste but you will probably need them after the baby arrives. And look in the juniors department for those surplus tops. They give you more room in the belly. I know, alot are sleeveless, but you could wear a nice blazer or jacket with them. And again, you can wear them when you are not pregnant! They should be on clearance now anyway. I understand what you mean about cute clothes though, I am only 26 so I am trying to stay fashionable too. I work at home though so I don't need to much.


Bee - November 10

im having such a issue with my clothes, Im 18 weeks, and have gained 6 pounds but my belly is getting bigger, I was really thin before my pregnancy so I started showing earlier. Im really short too so does anyone know where there is a clothes stores for the vertically challanged? Ive been to old navy, target, only place Ive fit into is Gap but they are so expensive, so any advice???


me - November 10

I have only bought one pair of pants so far. The rest has been handed down to me by my mom (70s maternity clothes! very cool) or friends. Would take the suggestion to wear my bf's clothes, but he's almost a foot taller than me & we weighed about the same amount BEFORE I was pregnant, so no. Hope that helps.


pippa - November 24

Hi, im 22 weeeks this sat and showing lots! Im pet_te and was only 71/2 st before I got pregnant. My jeans dont b___ton any more though I can still get them over my expanding backside! Im a bit lost at the moment as to what to wear as my normal clothes are too tight and the maternity jeans I bought just hang and give me a saggy b___t but with the way things are going im sure it wont be too long before the fit just nice.


Tasha to Pippa - November 24

Are you due April 1st too?? Cause Im 22 weeks on Saturday too. I can still wear some of my old clothes, but they are more fitted, belly just looks like Ive gained weight, but its hard. Ya how do you know where your uterus is??


a bird - November 24

My boy's due April 21st, first baby, & suddenly this week (just began week 19), my stomach's gotten a lot bigger. Also gained a few pounds this week, whereas I've only gained 2 pounds in the entire pregnancy up to this point. Feels like we're finally getting under way here!



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