April Mommies Update Please

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Suzie - October 30

To all April mommies, can u please give us an update.. Due date. symptoms, movement?, next ultrasound, weight gain (or weight loss), food cravings or food aversions, how you are feeling, babys heart rate, babys s_x (if you know), and anything else you can think of? I just thought it would be fun to compare and share...


Due 4/20 - October 30

HI I am due on the 20th of April. Still havent had my big 20 week ultrasound. I am completing 16 weeks in 2 days. Feel the futtering once in a while, not regularly though. I think I am beginning to show a little bit. I can feel my uterus when I am lying flat on my back. I lost 10 pounds in my first trimester and have since gained abt 4 pounds. I still have some nausea and vomiting, like twice a day. I dont feel all that energetic. I even find it difficult to get myself upto cook. I feel as though my life is centered around food. The only thing that is keeping me going is the thought of my baby.


Suzie - October 30

LOL! i started this thread and forgot to post my update!!! pregnancy brain?? i am due April 4th, this is my second in about 16 years (yes im old! 42), i will be 18 weeks in 2 days (YAY), i dont have any symptoms, i have had some flutters not very often, at 15.3 weeks i had already gained 9lbs (YIKES!), i dont know if im showing or just getting fat! lol, big ultrasound is on the 8th of Nov, baby's hb is about 147, yes i want to know the s_x asap!! i will be happy either way, i just want to be prepared...ok, ok...i just want to be able to go shopping! i dont really feel pregnant, i just look forward to my next meal! lol


ry - October 30

hey all, i am due Apr 8th. I am getting my big u/s Nov 9th and am not finding out the s_x. I also chose not to have the triple screen test done. I did have a "threatened abortion" and hg in the 1st trimester and now found out I have an overactive thyroid. Its been a journey to say the least but I am 17 weeks now and feeling a little better...just still tired! I feel fluttering once in a while but not regularly. :( I lost almost 10lbs in 1st tri and have gained back about 5. I crave SWEETS!!!! (not normal for me) :) how 'bout the rest of you?


RT - October 30

Hello I am due on the 23th April. Which makes me in my 15 weeks. I am showing, however it could also be fat! I am still vomiting and can't wait till it stops - hopefully soon. I sleep about 10 hours a night, which is amazing for me. Some days I am tired others I am OK. Although I getting headaches, which is really unusual for me.


Melody - October 30

HI there...I am due April 6th and still haven't had 20 u/s. I am definitely already showing. I never had morning sickness so I gained weight . I have gained only 10 lbs thankfully. However, I have the hardest time trying to sleep and often wake up with my stomach hurting if I have slept on my side. I have an u/s coming up in 2 days and want to find out the s_x of the baby. I have a heart condition so, I have to get a heart u/s done to make sure that I am okay. But otherwise, stuck on bedrest. My first trimester was rough since I pa__sed out a lot due to heart problem but now, I feel fine and lots of fluttering these days. At 18 weeks, baby is good though with strong heartbeat...YEAH! Only food cravings that I have are for chili cheese fries.


sparkles - October 30

I'm due April 23rd and 15 weeks along tomorrow according to my last ultrasound. I had terrible appet_te changes during 1st trimester which seem to be subsiding now. I've been feeling the fluttering for several weeks now, but it's not constant. Sometimes several times a day. I know I lost weight during the 1st trimester, but I'm sure I've picked up a few pounds in the last several weeks. My abdomen is firm and slowly popping out. My stomach sticks out more! My uterus is really pushing everything up and out! Atleast I am starting to look pregnant and not just fat. I, also, just pulled out my maternity pants today. Still a little big, but the rubberbanding thing wasn't working anymore with my regular pants! My fatigue is starting to go away. I have to pee sooooo much during the night and more during the day, too. Oh, there's the baby moving again! It's all really exciting! I love being pregnant!


M.B. - October 30

Hi everyone, I am due the 15th of April (I'm 16 weeks 1day)... Have felt fluttering for a few days (on and off - one day there was nothing) but been doubting whether it's definitely the baby...yesterday though the feeling was a bit stronger and I am SURE it was the baby :-) It is sooooo exciting. I have gained a bit and am showing. Have not been able to wear my normal clothes since week 10. My nausea is gone and I am hungry all the time. Got problems sleeping in the night because of 'restless legs' ... I need to get up and ma__sage my legs, splash cold water on them to cool them down, stretch and walk up and down the stairs a couple of times a night (used to be 4-5 times and still sometimes is...like last night!! YAWN!!) Besides that I feel great, I've got more energy and since I've started feeling the baby I am just much more relaxed. I had a missed m/c at 12 weeks half a year ago and this time around the first trimester was just totally consumed by fear because of it (it was crying, panic phonecalls to the doctor and quite a few hysterical moments) I am so glad that has pa__sed. I have stomach pains some days - I guess they are stretching pains. Sometimes it's like a dull ache for a day really low in my abdomen...other times it's like a stabbing pain... Most times I get a few days where I'm fine in between, so I'm beginning to recognise what it is now and am not so scared of the pains I feel anymore. After I've had pains I often see a change in my size the next day. I'll be stood in front of the mirror and be like: WOW I have actually grown since yesterday :-) My husband has been wonderful through the whole experience. He is so fascinated by my changing figure (mostly my b___bs! obviously!!!!! ;-) and he just treats me like a princess (cooks, cleans etc when I'm tired and out of energy). Haven't got any food aversions, just really craving fruits and yougurt. Got my 18-week scan in a couple of weeks and we are planning on finding out the s_x. Have dreamt 3 times that it's a boy, but had a feeling yesterday that it's a girl, so basically: I haven't got a clue as to what it is!!! :-) Heartrate at the 12-week scan was 169. Look forward to hear everyone's updates. Especially what kind of stretching pains you are having, just thought that might help rea__sure me that the pains I'm having are definately my ligaments stretching. All my love to everyone. M.B. xxxx


KLC - October 31

Hi I am due 4/8 and am 17 weeks along. I have the big 18 week scan on 11/7 and am hoping to find out the s_x. i am still totally exhausted and have gained @8 lbs though I am in maternity clothes only. I think my hips spread!!! I crave french fries and gravy. Now I'm hungry again!!!


kat - October 31

im due april 22nd and im 15 weeks going for the 18 week u/s on november 22nd and we do want to know the s_x of the baby if we can no movement yet at all and im not showing one bit--but we did get to hear the babys heartbeat on october 26th is was soooo exciting it was a good strong heartbeat!!!!!


MeM - October 31

I'm 17 weeks due 04/11. I gained only 6 lbs as of my last appt. Wednesday I have another one, so I'm sure I've gained more. I think I've felt flutters but not sure. I'm the only person who can tell I"m showing becaue I was overweight when I got pregnant. THings I can't stand to eat or be around are: bean, brocolli and spinach. But I love french fries and hot sauce :)


Wendy - October 31

I'm due April 10th. At this point I've gained 2 1/2 pounds and basically had very minimal symptoms. No vomiting, just aversions to fruits and green veggies, but that's getting much better now. I'm 17 weeks today and feeling great. Finally I have a little energy back. I go for my u/s on 11/16 and although it doesn't matter to us whether it's a boy or a girl, we are dying to find out. It feels like mardi gras is going on in my belly, when the baby's awake, it's moving. Can't wait for hubby to feel it too, but it's kind of fun being the only one for right now!


bec - October 31

hi mummies! I'm due April 22nd (I'm 15w3d) - this is my third. I never had any morning sickness but had to be very careful with dizzyness and fainting. Thankgod that's over now. I crave chinese food and orange juice and had put on 8kilos (I don't know what that is in pounds) by 10 weeks - it seems to have plateaued now. I'm only a small person but am showing like I'm 5 months - I had to go out and buy maternity clothes because nothing would fit! First felt bub move exactly on 15 weeks and hes seems to be more active later in the day (like his mum). We have our anomaly scan on 23/11 and plan to find out the s_x. I bought one of those heart beat detectors the other day but I must be too early yet to hear anything. The last 3 weeks have been a HUGE emotional rollercoaster and I find myself crying at the drop of a hat - hopefully things will settle soon. Good luck to all.


Tamisha - November 1

Hello mommies. I am due 4/3, I am 18 weeks along. I go for my u/u next week on the 8th. I can't wait! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! This will be my 1st baby, had a mc in May. I definetely have been feeling movement, I think that they're kicks. I feel it mostly at night when I'm laying down, but just within the past week even when up and about I can feel little movements, it's great. Being pregnant and knowing I'm going to be a mommy is the greatest feeling. My current cravings are definetely potatoes, specifically french fries, love em, and with cheddar cheese...yum. At my last appointment I had gained a total of 7 pounds, I'm very frustrated that none of my clothes fit, and maternity clothes don't quite fit either. My boyfriend swears this will be the last baby because of all the complaining I've done about my clothes and feeling fat.


zaks - November 1

hi im due april 2nd i still throw up once or twice a day but getting better i have no weight gain except a little on the stomach


Samantha - November 1

Hey girls, I am due April 10th. I go for my ultrasound on Nov. 15th, I can't wait to find out the s_x of the baby!!! I have not felt any movement yet :( Hopefully I will start to feel it very soon. I have gained 4 pounds. Still have a little morning sickness but it has gotten a lot better. Lately, I have been craving strawberries and cool whip, haha.


To bec - November 1

You are definitely not too early to hear the hearbeat with a fetal monitor. Are you putting enough jelly on your belly, is the monitor turned up high enough? Also, you also have to roll it around while pressing slightly everywhere. I am 16 weeks and have been monitoring for a couple of weeks now. I found the heartbeat very low, like just above my pubic hair. You need to search!



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